Taylor Swift Gushes Over Prince William During Epic Performance With Bon Jovi (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift, Prince William, and Bon JoviWhat better way to bring in the holidays than attending a gala, eh? Prince William was joined by 600 or so others for the Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace Tuesday night. In attendance? Performers Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi. Of course, Taylor totally geeked out about meeting Prince William (as any woman probably would), telling The Daily Mail that she was "really happy he was funny." The singer also thanked the prince for inviting her to the gala before singing her hits "Love Story," "I Knew You Were Trouble," and "Fifteen," and added in how amped she was to actually perform at a palace (nuts!).

But the best part of the entire night? Hands down when Swift and Prince William teamed up with Bon Jovi for the classic hit "Livin' On a Prayer." Yup, you read that right. While wife Kate Middleton was home tending to little Prince George, Prince William was singing with Bon Jovi. Does it GET any cuter than that?

Watch the threesome belt out the classic, here:

So fun!! Okay, so you can't REALLY hear Prince William, but you can most definitely hear Taylor Swift. And that high-five at the end? I think I got chills FOR Taylor that she got to rejoice with William in such a casual way.

Looks like a fun time for all!

If you could sing a duet (or a trio!) with anyone, who would you choose?


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Danielle Belt

lou gramm . i would love to sing with him. favorite singer of all time. susan boyle would be the female singer


Danielle Belt

i can be part of the trio. that would be sooooooo cool


Denyse Perkins

Got to be Josh Groban. Hopefully he sees this but I will sing by myself until that happens!!! Notice I said 'until'...I still believe in miracles.


Kate was at home with George.You do realize that "home" is Kensington Palace where this took place.She was just in another part of the "home".Loved Taylors' dress.And I don't think I hate anyone enough to inflict my voice on them.

Vicki Joyner Thompson

High five ing Prince William! Wonder if that's protocal?

casti... castinghub

Looks like they had fun! 

Londongirlrhonda Bernadette Diaz

With my heroes Mick Jagger and Keef Richards, not forgetting the sexiest man on the planet Mr.Dave Gahan.


nonmember avatar Mary

Michael Buble is who I would like to sing with.

nonmember avatar Shirley

It would have to be with Keith Urban! :) that would be awesome!!! haha!

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