'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Brings Another Sexy Actor on Board

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max martiniBelieve it or not, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is STILL in the process of casting! While that seems all sorts of crazy considering that they're supposedly going to begin filming in Vancouver on December 2 (that's, uh, MONDAY ...?!), I guess director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the rest of the bigwigs behind the flick aren't too worried. And now, they've got even less reason to worry, because they've got one more cast member on-board: Max Martini, who will play Christian Grey's bodyguard, Jason Taylor. Well, hey, it's progress!

You may recognize Martini from Tom Hanks' recent film Captain Phillips, in which he played a SEAL Commander, or Revenge, in which he played a former FBI agent. (Fun fact: He also starred in Pacific Rim with former Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam.)

Clearly, ol' Max seems to be somewhat typecast as the suited-up, protective hero, so no wonder he's got the gig of keeping a close watch on Mr. Grey!

So, with this news, the number of cast members is up to a whopping 6: Jamie and Dakota, of course; the recently-cast Eloise Mumford as Ana's BFF Kate Kavanagh; Luke Grimes as Christian's brother, Elliot Grey; Victor Rasuk as Ana's friend, José; and Jennifer Ehle as Ana's mom, Carla. But that can't be it, right?

What about Christian's "Mrs. Robinson" aka Elena Lincoln? Now, I'm really starting to wonder if an A-lister is in negotiations for that role, because they're keeping so hush-hush. Maybe it will be Katie Holmes after all ...?! Who knows, but with the filming start date swiftly approaching, I'm sure we'll find out who'll be rounding out the cast very soon.

What do you think about Max Martini as Jason Taylor? Who should play Elena?


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Abbie Ball

Ok so happy he is in it so hot

Courtney Riesner

Am I the only one who thought the body guard was a handsome black man? Damn. I guess I had that all wrong?

Dominique Marie

whatever. disappointed like millions of Christain fans....

Matt bomer.... would have been amazing at it...

Sherri Jones

Ellen Barkin as Elena Lincoln.

Emily Beck

Elena, aka: Mrs Robinson or the Bitch Troll should be played by Pam Anderson. She is older but still looks great. She also fits the bill. Christian will not stoop as low to have his dominant be Katie Holms (sp). She is too goody, goody. Elena is a bitch, I can't see Katie playing a bitch.

Katy D. Enns

i like who they picked hes pretty cute i would be even more excited if jason statham, such a hottie 

Kathreine Michelle Lee

Alex Kingston Mrs.Robinson please. At least you could get that right. 

shock... shockwavegeek

This book was written.sitting on d toilet thts hw pathetic it is and no.by.no means do i.dis lovey dovey novels.bt this. novel scarred me. for life..n nw a movie! gosh!!

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