Amber Portwood Sex Tape Is Something Neither She Nor the World Needs

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Amber PortwoodOh, my heart hurts, y'all! We've been hearing such great news about Amber Portwood since she left prison. The Teen Mom really seemed to be turning things around. But now there's a rumor (and I should say RUMOR) that Amber wants to go the full Farrah Abraham ... right down to the sex tape.

If there were ever a rumor I was hoping were fake, well ... you got it!

The report comes out of Star magazine, so you know, big margarita glass rim-sized grains of salt right there. Not to mention it comes not from an interview with Amber but with an anonymous source. Still, there are bits of it that have some truth to them. The source reportedly said:

[Amber] is dead broke and incredibly envious of Farrah. [She] brags that she can make a sex tape actually worth watching.

Remember Ms. Nothing Is My Fault Amber of the pre-prison days? Do I dare say this sounds like her?

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Not to mention girlfriend is living in Anderson, Indiana -- a town that doesn't have a whole lot of choices for employment, even for folks who DON'T have a prison record. The national unemployment rate is around 7.1, but in Anderson it's at 9.2!!

But man oh Manischewitz, I'm hoping it isn't true! She has done so much for herself! She got her GED! She got out of prison several YEARS early for good behavior. She's even talking about starting a drug rehab center to HELP people like her.

A sex tape is pretty much the last thing she needs. It will only take her back down dark roads. Not to mention all those places Farrah went to promote the video generally served alcohol ... the LAST thing a recovering addict needs to be around.

Be honest: if Amber did a sex tape, would YOU watch?


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Mike Peters

There's nothing I'd rather see than Amber and Gary ding the Hokey Pokey.

nonmember avatar emily


Nicole Cressey

this is what a little bit of fame does to some small town dumb. they need to grow up and be good parents to their girls!

chigi... chigirl1228

How did she spend all her mtv paychecks in the slammer? She should not be broke already she just got out when? Like yyesterday?


Porn use to be "sacred"--I can't think of any other word to pay homage to Porn--but, it took a special kind of person to do that stuff...but, now with EVERYBODY doing it, including talentless Reality Stars and whatnot, I rather throw some mirrors around the boudoir and watch myself.

Kristen Riley

It isn't hard to get out of prison early. That doesn't mean anything.

Rochelle Allgire

I'm pretty sure that all went to her drugs before she opted out of her drug rehab chigirl.


mlg1989 mlg1989

Fakk no. *gag*

nonmember avatar Amanda

Disgusting. As someone who saw Amber in the shower room every morning in Rockville .... EW. When Amber starved herself to get skinny she became a bag of loose skin .. pancake nipples and beef curtains. No thank you.

Danielle Mouw

No, she needs to get a real job, even if its flipping burgers. Then she needs to worry about taking care of her daughter.

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