'DWTS' Finale Recap: Season 17 Winner Came THIS Close to Losing the Trophy

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Aww. Can you believe Dancing With the Stars season 17 is already over? It seems like just yesterday we were watching the new contestants take the ballroom floor. Now it's all said and done and the mirror ball trophy has been awarded.

And I gotta say, I was really on the edge of my seat during the whole DWTS finale -- because I had no clue who was going to win this thing. Glee star Amber Riley is inspirational and amazing. And Corbin Bleu has more talent (even though he has professional training) than most contestants on the show can hope to have going into the competition. And don't even get me started on Jack Osbourne. If he didn't steal your heart from the get-go -- then his freestyle performance last night with Cheryl Burke should've pushed you over the edge. (It was ridiculous. In a very good way.)

Man ... I'm really going to miss tuning in for this show each week, but alas -- all good things must come to an end and there can only be one winner.

And even though I was really rooting for Jack and Cheryl Burke to win the whole deal -- I am so SO thrilled that Amber Riley and Derek Hough are the officially season 17 champions!

(OMG. After tonight's performances, I totally thought Corbin had it in the bag!)

Amber worked so hard this season even though her knee injury almost broke her. She could've easily dropped out of the competition -- but she persevered. And the little speech she gave after she was announced as the winner tonight says it all. Here's my favorite line: "It doesn't matter what size you are what color you are -- you can do whatever you put your mind to."

Um ... could she have summed things up any better? If that's not the quote of a true winner, I honestly don't know what is.

Congrats to Amber and Derek!

Are you happy that Amber won DWTS?


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tiafez tiafez

I don't knoww you were watching but Derek Wins The Show was never a race or a contest, Amber was favored by the judges from week one with over the top unearned scores. DWTS is as real as the Kardashians, everyone knew who'd win from week 1. 

knitt... knittykitty99

Why did you think Corbin had it "in the bag"?  Amber's scores were higher on both nights of the finale.

Debra Johnston

I am very disappointed with DWTS this season. I have been a loyal watcher fron day one but they might as well change the name to the Derek Hough show. Don't get me wrong he is super talented and easy on the eyes but come on. The other dancers don't have a chance. I probably will stop watching the show now.

Kathy Wilson-Voelzke

I dont think its fair to say what is being said about Derek Hough!!! He had to teach his star just like all the other pros, and they were all so talented anyone could have won it!!! I will forever watch this show, DWTS is my fav of all times, then comes American Idol! Derek and Amber deserved to win just as much as the other 2 finalist, they were all amazing!!!! 

Senia... Seniahmom

I was not disappointed. This is the first season I've enjoyed in awhile. I loved the partnerships this season.

Cristal Zambakkides Davis

I think Amber's win was a joke. She couldn't dance her way out of a wet paper bag! Shouldv'e been sent home week 1...pathetic. I for one, will no longer watch the show.

Denise Sherri Eggert

in my Opinion this season is not as good as past seasons seems judges have favorites- judged some harder then others (Corban) and let the talented ones that CAN DANCE go way before they should have -this has been happening for awhile now the Disney Stars should not even accept invatations to this show knowing they will never win--as for Derek I love him but we all know whoever partners with him will win -the show was fixed and we all were not surprised at the finale results-been a faithful watcher ever season but now have lost interest

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