Robert Pattinson Parties With Two Girls -- and Neither Is Kristen

Robert PattinsonI'm so totally confused about what is going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart that my head is spinning. First, they were sort of back together. Then he was with Dylan Penn again. Then he's with Kristen, but he won't go public with her. And then it's "strictly physical" and that's the way both want it. And now he's out partying with two women. Not one, but two!!!! Oh my gawdness. Rob, you slut.


Some dude on Twitter was nice enough to keep tabs on Rob by telling the Twitterverse that he had partied with Rob at an American Music Awards party and called him "polite and down to earth." He wrote:


Little did he know, however, that Twilight fans are so obsessive that he would be bombarded with probing questions. The primary one being WHO WAS HE WITH??



OMG!!!! Two females and a blonde guy!!! We already know one of the females wasn't Kristen. And surely it wasn't Dylan, or we would have heard about it by now. So these were just like some random chicks.

He must be marrying one of them. Maybe both! Maybe he's marrying the dude. I don't know!!!

It must be interesting to be Kristen and to be able to keep such easy tabs on your ex/present boyfriend. Merely go on Twitter and search. There he is! At a party with two random girls. Oh, and a blonde guy.

Anyway, the party was at the Los Angeles hotel Chateau Marmont and Jennifer Lopez held it. And Rob showed up in jeans, a leather jacket, and a beanie hat (ew?). And he was smoking. And he was with two girls and a guy.

They were discussing Aristotle. Probably not but maybe. No ... not.

Do you think Rob was partying with two random chicks? Do you care? Don't lie, you care.


Image via russavia/Wikimedia Commons

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