Robert Pattinson Responds to the 8 Most Insane Rumors About Him

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robert pattinsonWe hear a lot of crazy stories about Robert Pattinson here at The Stir. Like that he's getting back together with Kristen Stewart, which is so absurdly untrue I can actually picture Robert Pattinson rolling his eyes at the suggestion. I mean, wouldn't you love to see his facial expression every time he hears another insane rumor about himself? I can imagine his face must be sore from grimacing. In fact, I can imagine Robert Pattinson making a different face for every rumor ...

1. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a "friends with benefits" thing going on. Yeah, probably they do not. I mean, yeech.

robert pattinson

2. No, they're getting married! Um, what????

robert pattinson

3. Rob is taking Dylan Penn to Hawaii to "get to know her better." Yeahhhh, riiiiight. Like he'd tell.

robert pattinson

4. Even though they supposedly broke up. Who says they were even a coup -- oh never mind.

robert pattinson

5. Rob was almost cast as Christian Grey. OMG, he would NEVER! Horrors.

robert pattinson

6. Rob went on a cocaine bender. Get the fuck outta here!

robert pattinson

7. Rob parties like a rock star, and don't you wish you could party with him? I think he wishes he partied like a rock star, too. He'd love to be that Robert Pattinson.

robert pattinson

8. Robert Pattinson got a goatee -- oh wait, the most disturbing rumor on this list is actually true. NOOOOO!!!!

robert pattinson

Do you believe any of the rumors you hear about Robert Pattinson?


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Barb Jarvi

Do you believe the bullshit you just put on your sight? I don't, to fake ..

Leslie Vill Heavingham

I think "The Stir" needs to fire some people and hire one's that keep up with the truth about Robert and Kristen !! Seems as though....their fans, know more !!  :/

Tonya Sills

hell  noo 

Dixie Jewel

LOL At Leslie.... just LOL.

Marilyn Mel

I don't think anyone believes a thing you guys say.  You have no idea what is going on with Rob and I don't think he'a about to tell you .He's a very private person and so is Kristen ,so you can stop with  making up stuff .!!      tsk tsk



Rita Curry

 I say, ditto, to all of the above, answers. Nobody really knows whats going on, between the 2 of them. Most likely we never will either.blank stare

Lynda Lyons

a fantasy woven together with old pictures. This bloggers nonsense is embarrassing. 


Danielle Taylor

why they just grow up and mind their own business let rob and Kristen be. My goodness how would they feel is someone butted in their personal life all the time.

Sheryl Salor


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