Jamie Dornan May Be Perfect Christian Grey But Doesn't Think He's the 'Best-Looking'

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jamie dornanI have an awkward confession to make. I didn't know much about Jamie Dornan before he was cast as Christian Grey for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. I mean, sure, I recognized the actor from his stints in Once Upon a Time and Marie Antoinette, but was convinced that he didn't have the same kinda pizzazz that some of the other major contenders (ahem, Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder) had.

Now, after seeing those steamy Fifty Shades photos alongside costar Dakota Johnson, I've decided otherwise. But get this: Apparently Dornan doesn't consider himself a stud of epic proportions (unlike millions of women ogling over those blue eyes). The future Christian Grey told The Sun that he "got lucky" back when he landed a high-profile modeling gig alongside Eva Mendez, he's not the "best-looking" guy to be a model, and that that whole phase of his career was "just a fluke."

Um, sorry, Jamie, have you looked in the mirror lately? You're pretty damn good looking.

Dornan continued on, saying:

I got lucky ... I knew I wanted to act and was always trying to find my way into it. But there were always other distractions. I was still involved in modeling contracts and still mucking around trying to be in a band. I always knew I wanted to purely be an actor though.

Swoon. I don't know what is hotter: the thought of this stud in the bedroom as Grey or thinking of him up on stage with a microphone. Does this mean that Jamie's got a voice on him (and a good one, at that!)? Ugh. Directors, take note. That may be worth investigating for the Fifty Shades film!

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But back to this whole modeling "fluke." Crazy to me that a man that's about to play a character with such killer confidence doesn't seem to have much of his own. Besides, if he never had those modeling gigs, who knows where he'd be now! That "fluke" may as well have landed him in the right places at the right times!

Jamie, like I said, you're a hunk of a man. You may have to drop some of that modesty before you put on your suit and gray tie, sir.

Are you happy that Jamie's playing Christian Grey? Do you think he's the right man for the part?


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Theresa Ross

I wish it were Henry Cavill who is much better looking than Jamie Dornan but he'll have to do. 

Laure... Lauren0983

Um, he isn't the perfect Mr. Grey if he isn't good looking (referring to the title of this article). And if those EW Fifty Shades photos convinced this articles author that he's the guy, I'm dumbfounded. I think both looked awful in that photoshoot. Neither portrayed the character properly! He was leaning back from Dakota in them and never once looked at her. Dakota was trying way too hard to look innocent and she failed too. It was just awful. Neither actor fit the roles at all, especially physically. And I definitely do not think Jamie is very good looking. He has no lips, a weird nose, and not so masculine of a body.

nonmember avatar joanne

Matt bomer is still the perfect choice. He is gorgeous and he truely looks the part. He is also the most talented of all the actors.

nonmember avatar Megan

Stop the forcing of us fans liking this guy. He is not hot enough to be CG. And please no disrespect but really him losing his mother and friends...take pity...WE ALL LOST LOVE ONES and so has many other people. He needs to go..so does that Dakota chick. You british f---.....tired of those horrible producers. Terrible casting and stop with forcing US to like the cast. NOT HAPPENING...period!

Kati Städtler

I´m fine with him !!! At first I was´nt happy with him either, because I just started liking Charlie Hunnam as CG, but after seeing these photos with Dakota, I decided, he is a very good choice !!!! At least a better choice than Dakota, because I think she looks much older than she is. But it doesnt matter who plays the parts, I still would go to the cinema. Looking forward to February 2015.  

Bizniss Nonya

It's times like this when I long for the days of NO INTERNET.  Back in the day, you would just have to wait to SEE THE MOVIE.  All the griping is tiresome and irritating. Give these actors a chance!! That being said, I have never heard of this Jamie Dornan until now. I find him rather ruggedly attractive, but the proof will be in the ACTING. This actor is Irish born. It will be interesting seeing him portray an American character. I have read all the Fifty Shades books, and am still able to KEEP AN OPEN MIND. I wish the entire cast and crew the best and am looking forward to seeing the final product.


Tonni Edwards

I agree with Megan.  

Phobe Grey

Jamie is DEAD right.He's no oil painting and there's a reason why he did UNDERWEAR ads! He's a doe-eyed wimp and Definitely NOT CG who is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous.He has neither the looks nor the build.

nonmember avatar Jamie

I also consider Henry Cavill to be a better choice. Watching him in "the Tudors" ahowes he had a beautiful masculinity, a believable sensuality, and a sense of entitlement although his character was not born royal; very similar to the Christian Grey character. Although Matt Bomer is beautiful and classy, I never feel like he means it when he is in sex scenes with women. I really hope they will consider casting Cavill ... I believe he has the skill and looks to make Christian Grey fans see his face in our Fifty Shades fantasies as opposed to our own private version!

nonmember avatar jessica

Absolutely not!! I think ian or matt would have been much more the part.. Ian more so.. Not looking forward to the movie now

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