5 Hot 'True Blood' Season 7 Spoilers to Get You Through the Cold Winter

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Well, we're still approximately seven months away from the premiere of True Blood season 7, and while that's ENTIRELY TOO MANY MONTHS, at least -- at least!! -- the spoilers have started rolling in. Thank you, TV gods, for giving us a reason to get up in the morning again!! Seriously, a life without half-naked Alexander Skarsgard on a weekly basis is no kind of life at all. And -- are you sitting down??!! -- according to the very best spoiler of all time, it sounds like Skarsgard's character, Eric Northman, is NOT dead (I KNEW IT!). WOO-HOO!!! And not only is Eric going to be ALIVE, he's -- oops! I almost spilled the beans! If you want to know what's on the horizon for Eric Northman (not to mention Bill, Sookie, Alcide, Pam, Lafayette, and the rest), you'll just have to scroll down to our amazing, life-changing list of True Blood season 7 spoilers!! 

Oh-kay! You ready?? ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?! Here goes:

1. Eric Northman is getting a new love interest! Sorry Sook, but what did you expect, starting a big fat "relationship" with Alcide?? Apparently Eric will be hooking up with a new character named "Sylvie," who is "gorgeous" and can "speak French." (That's all we know so far.) Why not a Swede?

2. Warlow will be back, stronger than before. Uh-oh. This can't be good news for anyone, can it? Or can it? We were starting to get pretty fond of Rob Kazinsky's face, if you know what we mean.

3. The first episode of season 7 will include a "major" death. AND Stephen Moyer is directing!

4. Tara's mom will have a bigger part than ever. Does this mean poor Tara's "life" is going to get even crazier? Her mom isn't exactly the most stable influence. Or is her mom doomed to cross the line into undead territory? What would Jesus say??

5. Those creepy hordes of Hep V-infected vamps are nothing like the vamps we know and love. According to showrunner Brian Buckner, they're "weaker and driven by a need to eat in a way that the vampires that we’ve come to know are not. They have to drink human blood in larger quantities and more frequently than before." Yikes.

What are you looking forward to the most about True Blood season 7?


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EV Emmons

Can't say I'm all that excited about this.  I hate Tara's mom and have no interest in seeing that cow do anything except disappear.  As for Warlow...that's just stupid.  The major death could be interesting, depending on who it is they're offing.  And finally these new weak HepV vamps...no interest, I don't care for the zombie like creatures. Also don't care for Eric's new love interest.  Just not excited about any of this at all tbh.  Glad it's the last season, I just hope they end it better than the author did.

nonmember avatar Michelle

So they messed with Eric's character at the end of S6 and to appease the fans they are introducing a love interest for him. It's putting a bandaid over an open wound and a continuation of the poor writing we've come to expect of TB. As to no.2 Warhlow's return? Ugh.

Sigh - what happened TB? You used to be so good.

nonmember avatar Krystal

I wanted Warlow and Sookie to end up together but he turned out to be a jerk so now I don't know. I think it would be a nice twist if she was preggers with Warlows child :) I don't think Eric will ever get over Sookie, he gave himself to her after all!

nonmember avatar Kjat

The writers for True Blood evidently think people only watch to see someone naked because season 5 was pretty bad, but season 6 was literally unwatchable. The story lines were terrible and there was no continuity of the characters. Just lazy writing. I'm actually glad Warlow will be back but not sure I'll even watch. My main focus has been Eric and Sookie since season 2 . I love their interaction, I love Jason's interaction with Eric, but I have no hopes for anything to be better with the show. And Lettie Mae, ugh! Who cares. Kind of like Terry's long drawn out funeral that was just a filler. True Blood had such potential but it's over for me.

nonmember avatar BB

I think you misinterpreted that "spoiler" about Warlow. He's not coming back.

nonmember avatar Nymerias

Rob did not say he was coming back as Warlow 'stronger than ever' but the show would be back in that way. As to that, I will believe it when I see it!

Alisha BeGell

I couldn't agree more with EV Emmons. I used to love this show and looked forward to watching it. The end of the book was a slap in the face to fans and the show is doing the same. I'm not saying fans should get what they want ALL the time, but the writers seem to go the opposite direction. I think they could have gotten more seasons out of a great show instead of taking it down to junk that didn't make sense (Hep V zombie vamps), and completely robbed fans of anything Sookie and Eric.

Meg Griffin

None of this excites me for the next season... thank god its the last.

nonmember avatar Anon

I'm looking forward to this show ending. It jumped the shark seasons ago and season 6 was a travesty.

nonmember avatar mollie

What a bunch of Negative Nellies! Lol True Blood does not owe the fans of the books anything! You got your precious E/S hook~up in Season4 and you still don't appreciate it. It was never going to be the 'epic' romance you hoped for. Now, TB writers, producers and directors will end the series the way they want to, thank you very much! Looks like S6 was a big set up for a Bill&Sookie reunion:) Yes, a Eric...go find your own girl. Sookie belongs with Bill! V'''V

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