'Teen Mom' Leah Calvert Turns to Fans in Time of Need

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leah Calver Jeremy CalvertWe don't hear much from Leah Calvert. With three kiddos at home, the Teen Mom 2 star's hands are surely too full to spare some time for the antics of some of her more scandalous co-stars. But the West Virginia native has something big cooking, and she's turned to her Teen Mom fans with a big request. Leah needs help, and she needs it now!

So what's going down with Leah and Jeremy?

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It turns out Leah is using her fame, as well as the attention the reality show has given to daughter Ali, who has a range of health issues, to start a foundation. She hasn't released what exactly its mission will be, but as it will be called the Aliannah Hope Foundation, it's safe to guess it will deal with sick kids in some way.

But any good foundation needs a t-shirt, and that's where the fans come in. Leah wants the folks who follow her on Teen Mom to step up and offer their design skills to the cause.

As she said on her official Facebook page this week:

I’m looking for some t-shirt design ideas for the foundation which is going to be the Aliannah Hope foundation. I’ll be online checking out any ideas that y’all may have so comment them or send a message to the page.

It's nice to see one of these stars using their fame for something positive ... and hopefully she'll get an equally positive response from the fans!

What do you think Leah should do with the foundation?


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Hunny... HunnybearSG

This makes me wish I could draw... The one thing I can recommend is whatever design she goes with, every single t shirt and whatever else she comes up with, should have Aliannah's handprint. Either in her favorite color or in different colors.

Pattywhite Pineda

i tk u should go all the way with it girl u never know you could help other babies theres a web sight you can go on and they will help you make the shirts girl pink or purple would be pretty ok girl let me know how it turns out

Elizabeth Guadagno



Bird Clarissa

You should do something like this, but use Ali's name or children and the t-shirts should be done in all colors. I tries to download a picture obviously it would not let me so here is the web address for it.
Please go look at it.
Thank you,
Clarissa Bird

nonmember avatar sistertinalee

Leah you can't treat men like children. U knew his job when u married him but yet you've been complaining about it every since. Marriage is work on both people honey a man's obligation is to take care of his family that's exactly what your husband is trying to do. You have to learn how to talk to him without nagging please he is a great man and it's hard to find a man who is willing to love children that are not theirs. Save your marriage stop being selfish.

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