'DWTS' Recap: Jack Osbourne Finally Gets What He Deserves

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Oh mah GAHHHHH!!! How emotional was tonight's episode of Dancing With the Stars? I cried at least twice. Did I mention I'm a self-proclaimed non-crier?!? The performances this evening were incredible enough to melt my cold, cold heart -- especially the freestyle routines.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed Bill Engvall, Amber Riley, and Corbin Bleu's dances -- Jack Osbourne seriously stole the show tonight. Was his freestyle performance with Cheryl Burke not one of the most heartfelt and moving things you've seen in a long time?

He's worked his ass off this season, and finally he got the score he probably never imagined he'd see on the judges' paddles.

I'm sorry, but if you weren't in tears when he received a 10 from Carrie Ann, Len, AND Bruno -- then you've officially taken my place as the resident reality TV ice queen.

I was so SO proud of Jack -- to the point where I wanted to jump through the TV and get in on the hugging action with him and his family. (Just adorable.)

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And I hate to say it, but I really breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was revealed that Jack would be competing in the finals tomorrow night and Bill Engvall was going home. Don't get me wrong ... I love Bill, but it was definitely the right time for him to take off his ballroom shoes.

I guess that brings us to tomorrow night and who will win the mirror ball trophy. As of now, my money is on Amber Riley. But if Jack somehow manages to sneak past her, I can't say that I'll be complaining. (And Corbin is awesome -- but I feel like he's almost too good of a dancer to win, if that makes any sense.)

Were you sad to see Bill go home? Who do you hope wins DWTS?


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nonmember avatar Mary Hendrix

Wet paint is so cazy & misleading. A person hits the site thinks they getting one story & totally get something else. I'm so very surprised it has made it this far without someone sueing thrm for slander. I care not to recieve anymore imformation from you all because this is just plain wrong.

Amakenr Amakenr

I do believe someone ^ doesn't know where she is.



Ron Hernandez

Jack couldn'd happen to better person,Jack is the greatest person bless you jack always in top form..Happy thanksgiving and family too.....


hello... hellokd87

I'm rooting for Jack however I'm torn because Amber is an AMAZING dancer!! She's really developed over the season! They both deserve the mirror ball!!

Kevin Haynes

i want Amber and Derek to win cause they are awesome

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