'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Lisa & Brandi Aren't Kyle's Real Friends

brandi glanville lisa vanderpumpFor anyone who was wondering whether or not Kyle Richards was going to be the odd man out this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I think it's safe to say that question has been answered. Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville have it out for Kyle. And while it's one thing to not like someone, Christ on a cracker, these women want blood.

As everyone knows, Kyle and her husband have been dealing with cheating rumors over the past year. Serious rumors. Rumors that involve Maurico cheating on Kyle with a transgender prostitute. Understandably, it's greatly affected Kyle and her family, and she'd rather not talk about it on television and with the girls. Which, of course, is the exact opposite of what Lisa and Brandi want to do.

If you recall, last week when the ladies were having lunch at Carlton's medieval castle, Brandi brought up the accusations in front of the entire group. It caught Kyle off-guard, and she brushed the subject off, clearly not wanting to talk about it. And then a few days later, Brandi was approached by paparazzi, who claimed Kyle called her a bully. Brandi did not like that.

Brandi was incredibly pissed off that the paparazzi, whose word is gospel, you know, insinuated that she may have been bullying Kyle, and she wouldn't let up on Kyle about it. Kyle of course denied ever saying that, but both Brandi and Lisa went on and on about how Kyle should have sent out a tweet, saying she never said that about them. Basically, they were concerned with themselves and only themselves.

Now, of course, no one wants to be called a bully by random photographers when they're walking down the street with their kids, but is Brandi really playing the "I was just trying to help Kyle out" card here? If she truly wanted to be a "girl's girl," she should have pulled her aside to talk to her about it. And while we're at it, Brandi's "helping" seemed to have gotten her into trouble with Joyce, as well. Joyce claims Brandi called her and told her that Lisa couldn't take criticism, and somehow Brandi denied it and turned it into something about her trying to help out. Whatevs.

I'm definitely less of a Kyle Richards fan than I was in the beginning of RHOBH, but I'm kind of on her side here. If Brandi and Lisa were her real friends, who were genuinely concerned with her well-being, they'd quit worrying about Kyle announcing on Twitter that they're not bullies and be more interested in how they can help. I'm sure there's plenty to this story that we don't know, and I certainly don't think Kyle's a saint, but from the view of a mere RHOBH spectator, Lisa and Brandi's behavior was just plain gross.

Do you think Lisa and Brandi were out of line?


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nonmember avatar Tory

Not a Kyle "fan" but my marriage in so much as my friends are concerned is OFF LIMITS. We have steadily moved towards a devaluation of the traditional family over the last few decades so people seem to think of this like its just some idle gossip. Well as far as Im concerned, any gossip, rumor or otherwise that impacts my marriage, is akin to attempting to destroy the foundation upon which my entire family is built which means in doing so they are attacking me & more importantly my children in the cruelest way possible. Shame on Brandi who having gone through what she did with her husband/family should know better!

Helen Hall Foy

Brandy is a bully. She worries about someone saying she is a bully in front of her kids and she talks worse than any trashy person I have ever known. Maybe the truth hits home.

nonmember avatar ann

Brandi is an opportunist, a bully, a trouble making suck up bitch. Lisa unfortunately likes her because Brandi sucks up to her as well as to Yolanda who is a smug snob that thinks she is smarter and "above" the others, although she IS smart enough to marry well....just my observations and opinion.

Helen Hall Foy

Maybe the failure of Brandy's marriage makes her want to see other people suffer like she did and the grass is not always greener on the other side.  She is rude and interupts and then curses worse than a sailor and dwells on the thought that someone called her a bully in front of her kids.  She was just rude but asking if one of the housewives was on their period.  She can dish it out but gets so defensive when it is dished out to her. Crazy, crazy folks.

Helen Hall Foy

Lisa is being so smug and she is my favorite of these ladies but she is smug


nonmember avatar shawnieh45

Tonight Kim was definitely the MVP of the episode. She called Yolanda out for being rude(which she was) and she shut brandi down early before they started their circus exercise. Kudos. I don't think Brandi is a bully as much as rude, crass, foul mouth and immature. Bringing up someone's private business at a group lunch at the home of a virtual stranger was not her being a "girls girl" . She was being messy and trying to cause drama. I believe Bravo is probably paying her extra to increase her normal antics. And Lisa is just a condescending witch. And the new girls are unnecessary.

Dianne McHugh-muldowney

I don't get what is going on with all the girls this season. I like Brandi, but what a b****! And, once again, we have Lisa & Yolanda each trying to be the HBIC... who will win this one? Carlton makes Allison D. the medium, look like the good-will embassador. Can't wait to see what happens next week.

Pam Sadler

Im really tired of Brandi. I enjoy watch RHBH but I have to weave through to get past Brandi. She dishes and cannot take it...you know she is standing on the side laughing about it. Karma baby...as Brandi likes to say often...She needs to be reminded what it was like going through her Media nightmare.
I want the ladies to get back to having fun. Im with Kim on that. Im a bit worried about Lisa as tough as she is...Im just waiting for Brandi to bite her and lets see how forgiving Lisa is towards Brandi. Back to Kyle, she isn't deserving to the mean girl treatment. I want to see Lisa and Kyle back as friends again they were great together. Still unsure of the new ladies.

nonmember avatar Norma Urias

Feel so sorry for Kyle being viciously attacked constantly by those UGLY mean girls Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda. Brandi says she is being a "girls girl" but this is pure nonsense. Brandi makes me want to vomit, a real witch who can dish it out but gets so defensive when it is dished out to her. Brandi needs to be replaced on the show....she's no housewife!!! Tired of her cruelty and want someone else who is more down-to-earth...sends a very bad message about the community of Beverly Hills. Lisa used to be a woman of elegance, sophistication and class but not anymore---she's now a trashy OLD LADY displaying her true colors....arrogrant, jealous, selfish, mean old lady. And Yolanda...another snob who thinks she is above everyone. Again, we get bored at snobs....find someone who is like Kyle...fun, outgoing, family-oriented, community-oriented .....

nonmember avatar Faye

Lisa isn't sexy, Brandi is a bully and Yolanda is shi??? LEAVE KYLE and her family alone. I love Kyle and loves watching her with her family!!

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