Taylor Swift Still Can't Seem to Play Nice With Harry Styles

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taylor swiftBeing that Artist of the Year Taylor Swift scooped up four awards at last night's American Music Awards, I'm sure she was focused on a lot more than petty relationship drama, right? Maybe not. The buzz today is that she was making a concerted effort to ignore her ex Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates throughout the evening.

Observers report that when Tay ascended to the podium to retrieve her awards and when she was hanging out in her seat, she refused to acknowledge Harry & Co. During a commercial break, she and a security escort walked right in front of 1D as she made her way backstage but stared straight ahead. She apparently acknowledged and waved to the crowd otherwise. And then later in the night, she returned to her seat and walked in front of the boys once more, again making a point not to pay them any mind. Ooookay!

Meanwhile, Us reports that Harry and the rest of the band were big enough to stand up and applaud Taylor when she won her Best Female Country artist award. I would hope so!

Sounds like Taylor's being a little ridiculous ...  Unless things go REALLY sour in a relationship, and/or the wound is fresh, flat-out, obviously ignoring an ex seems immature and, in her case, in this context, even a bit unprofessional. Usually, after some time has past -- as it has with these two -- I feel like it can't really hurt to at least try to be civil. No one is saying you have to become BFFs -- or even say hello! But really, why not just a quick smile? Come on, we're all grown-ups, right?

But nope, for some reason, Taylor can't even bare to look her ex in the eye. And we'll NEVER really know what that reason is ... well, at least maybe until we hear her lyrics on a forthcoming album!

When you run into an ex, do you blatantly ignore them or try to play nice?

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mfrentz mfrentz

Taylor Swift is so overrated anyway. She needs to get over her self.

there... theresaphilly

I don't know what his boy did to her but DAMN! I have to meet this Harry.

nonmember avatar dude

She walked through a crowded theater and some anonymous source said she was looking in the direction she was heading and did not look at harry and that is being un civil? Did he call her name and she ignored him ? NO...if she looked in his direction someone would say she dissed him because she gave him a stink eye. After the VMAs she had dinner with Harry and a group of others (yes there are photos). And at the VMAs there are videos of only Taylor and Gaga standing up and applauding when 1d won. Guess what half of the audience was booing but Taylor was standing and applaud ing. THIS IS A NON STORY TRYING TO STIR UP 1D FAN BASE WHO BELIVE ANYTHING THEY ARE TOLD AS LONG AS IT PAINTS TAYLOR IN A BAD LIGHT.

adamat34 adamat34

She is such a whiny baby.

Get over it already!!!

Its no wonder this bitch cant keep a man...shes coo coo for cocoa puffs

nonmember avatar J

Lay off people. She's danged if she does, danged if she doesn't. No matter what the girl does you'll grab it for gossip fodder. A crowded auditorium, bright lights, trying to focus on her way out and didn't make specific eye contact and wave? Oh no, then you'd say she's still not over him. Like dude said, such a non-story. Lay off.

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