More 'Real Housewives' Stars Are on the Chopping Block (VIDEO)

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brandi glanvilleWhew! It may be cold in New York City, but my cable box is smoking hot! In today's reality round-up video, I discuss why dogs get better treatment than the men on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, who I think will win in the showdown between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore, and why Porsha Stewart better watch her back.

What's going on with The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Is Teresa Giudice in, out, or stalling?

Also this week, I question why The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just isn't doing it for me this season -- how about for you?

phaedra and kenyaIn Atlanta, there are a few things that seem crystal clear to me. The producers must have decided that Kenya Moore is expendable, at least when it comes to Phaedra and Apollo. I believe Porsha Stewart is on her last chance to make it or break it with the other ladies, and was anyone else shocked at NeNe Leakes' white refrigerator snark? Because I was. More on that in the video.

teresa and joe

In New Jersey, the gossip mill is moving at Mach 2, with the Giudices being out, in, filming, not filming ... who knows at this point? I present a potential behind-the-scenes scenario involving the timing of season 6, and how last week's postponed DMV case might have given Sirens Media something to think about.

Finally, I examine what about Beverly Hills is turning me off this season? It's partially because of Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump's falling out, which seems overly contrived, but there's also a bigger picture. Have the Beverly Hills ladies reached a tipping point? And what does that mean, in Housewives-land?

Who do you think producers should fire next?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Isn't it bizarre that when "reality" personalities' lives spill over into the Real Reality (e.g., criminal charges), the stars stop being desirable "reality" cast members? Theresa and Joe should be out, because the overblown "reality" would be marred by their woes in Real Reality: Simply, we know too much about them. This latter statement points to the strange illusion of "reality" TV: We want illusion that is not in step with time or place: Real Reality is our present moment; "reality" shows are fireballs--simultaneously sweet and searing-- trapped in a time warp. Nene's "other" life in the Real Reality is too clear; she destroys the illusion. I think she should have her own "reality" spin-off with Cynthia. Phaedra has too many Real Reality interests, and would do well to leave. The Bev Hills ladies should all stay for now; Real Reality has not bitten them too hard just yet. New Jersey? As I said earlier, goodbye to Theresa; the other wives are ousting themselves, so no more need to leave; who comes on board is the big question for them.

2kids... 2kids2dogs2cats

Well, I sure wish you would have watched the Bev.Hills episode this week, would love to know your take on Brandi the "bully" LOL

Once again,  a breath of fresh air with your blog!

nonmember avatar disgrazia4

It is unfortunate that the problems the Guidices have were created in the scenes shot bt Bravo. They should be far away from this show but now they are indebted tho Bravo for the money to defend themselves against the troubles that may not ever have occured had they not become ensnarled by them to begin with. They serve now as a lesson to all the RHW's. This show is a trap. The face of BravoAndy smiles while the RHW gets slain in ways she never could have imagined. Certainly their right to slayI is in the contract but the lines between the fineprint are hard to read the future with and all of it's possibilities.

nonmember avatar Liza

Hi Alex! Glad to find you over here. Always insightful. Thanks for the recap. RHOBH is definitely lacking... class. I watch these shows as an escape from reality, but it's no longer entertaining with the swearing and such.

Pat Glenholmes

I'm not liking your hair today sorry.

Kathy Woods

Seriously, this is the best recap around!


Nancy Fried

I am so tired of Brandi! I don't like using the word "bully" with those girls because any one of them can certainly defend herself. Some of them are just more ladylike than she i

Lisa de la Rionda

Love your recap, hope you do this every week, best one out there!


Linda Reichard-Townsend

i would love to see kenya leave. it's hard to believe she ever wore any crown. she just seems trashy. keep porsha. she deserves a chance to show her true self now that her dictator husband is out of the picture.

Emily Snyder Boyce

These Vlogs are fabulous! I just stumbled upon them and spent the past hour watching all of them! Wish I found them sooner! Keep them coming!

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