Justin Timberlake's Big AMA Win Overshadowed by Jessica Biel's Glaring Absence

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Jeez, it's difficult to defend Jessica Biel because, well, how do I put this nicely? The woman just doesn't inspire that sort of passion in me. She's pretty and an okay actress, I guess, but I never thought she and Justin Timberlake had much chemistry and never expected they'd last very long.

And judging by her unusual move last night -- Jessica was totally missing from her hubby's side when he accepted not one, not two, but THREE MAJOR awards at the American Music Awards ceremony -- it seems everyone is wondering the same thing: when are these two going to admit they are over and out? 

So here's the deal. Justin snagged Favorite Male Artist Pop/Rock, Favorite Male Artist Soul/R&B, and Favorite Album Soul/R&B. These aren't minor wins by any stretch and it isn't every day your husband is honored in such a big way.

Though, to be fair, if you're married to JT, you're probably used to his winnning some award or another every other week -- but still -- this was a big deal.

Yet, Jessica was nowhere to be found. Shortly after she realized Twitter was blowing up with comments about her whereabouts, the actress tweeted, "I'm watching from home tonight. Calm down, Internet." Which, I admit, is an awesome way to fire back. We all know the subtext of this tweet is really: Hey, busybodies, I might have a stomach bug, or maybe I just didn't feel like going to yet another event. Either way, it's none of your beeswax.

And, of course, it is none of our business, but let's speculate anyway. Could she be jealous of his success? Maybe she's just had it with all of the attention he constantly gets and didn't want to play second fiddle to him yet again. No matter how hot and talented he is, I could see that getting annoying.

But anyone in a committed relationship understands there are times when, unless you really are under the weather, you suck it up and stand by your partner's side when he or she needs to attend an important event. We know these two are invited to more parties and ceremonies than most human beings, but this wasn't just any event and Jessica should have been there. 

And did anyone notice that JT did not thank Jessica when he accepted his awards? Who the heck does that? She should have been one of the top 5 people he thanked. Unless ... did they have a lover's spat right before the AMAs? I know I would have been less then thrilled if my husband announced he wasn't attending a big event with me. But even if I was super angry, for the sake of maintaining a strong long-term relationship, I would have swallowed my pride and at least mentioned Jessica in my speech at some point. 

So total weirdness all around. I'm giving these two three months before we find out she's either pregnant and that's why she didn't attend or they're calling it quits. I place my money on the latter.

Do you think Jessica's absence from the AMA's hints at the possibility that she and Justin's relationship is in trouble?


Image via Jessica Biel/Twitter

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nonmember avatar guest

what a stupid article. She doesn't have to be attached to his hip. The AMA's are fan voted and lost all relevancy if it were the grammy's it would be different. It's like getting upset with her for not going to the Teen Choice awards

nonmember avatar J

They have a kid. Maybe someone was being a good parent and staying home with a sick child. There are 1,000 reasons. How juvenile to sit around and make wild accusations. She's jealous of him? Really? So lame.

Maria Elio-Morgan

umm but Did you notice he wasnt wearing his ring either?

Maria Gutierrez

" She's pretty and an okay actress, I guess, but I never thought she and Justin Timberlake had much chemistry and never expected they'd last very long." Jealous much? By your pic, I would say yes. DUMB artical. 

nonmember avatar vee why

they don't have a kid, actually. maybe they just want to stay private.

nonmember avatar Christine

She is never with him to support. Even when he won the vanguard award at the mtv awards and did that 10 minute performance before accepting the award (WHICH WAS A VERY BIG DEAL) she wasn't in the audience with his mom and his manager. He never thanks her and I don't blame him. She doesn't seem very supportive at all.

nonmember avatar singer825

No, they don't have a kid. Also, tons of married people do not wear their rings. My husband is currently not wearing his ring because he's got a cut on his ring finger. I tease him every time we go out that people will think he's my mistress. I think we need to stop scrutinizing celebrities.

nonmember avatar audie

The AMAs are minor. He was only invited to perform a month ago. He didn't party afterwards but went home. None of his friends were there. He looked bored. He probably didn't want to go either. In my business I have a ton of events to go to and no matter how great they seem after a while you just want to stay home.

Carolina Garcia

totally he didn't thank her either when he accepted the video vanguard award!! Major..she has nothing going beside being his wife and she can't even be their to support him!! WOW..lets see how long that last??

nonmember avatar whylie2010

Maybe she's pregnant
Maybe she doesn't do awards ceremonies
Maybe everyone who is not Justin Timberlake or Jessica Biel should mind their own damn business.

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