'Teen Mom 3' Stars' 15 Minutes of Fame Is Almost Up

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Teen Mom 3 castWorst. News. Ever! Rumor has it the first season of Teen Mom 3 will be the ONLY season of Teen Mom 3. Could MTV have cancelled the show already?

We reached out to MTV and hadn't gotten a comment at press time, so we don't know for sure. But it's looking an awful lot like last week's Dr. Drew reunion episode may be the last for Mackenzie Douthit, Briana DeJesus, Katie Yeager, and Alex Sekella. Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

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1. "Sources" said to be actual members of the cast recently told The Ashleys Reality Roundup that a number of stars were upset with the network's editing, and they don't WANT to be on the show again.

2. Matt McCann has been putting up a fight from the get-go. Shortly before the premiere of Teen Mom 3 earlier this year, the ex-boyfriend of Alex Sekella said he was forced into filming by his mom who signed off on his contract with the network before he was 18. He's been pretty vocal about not wanting to be on the show, but without him, what story line is there for Alex Sekella?

3. Briana DeJesus' mom Roxanne DeJesus is already talking about the next chapter of her life. Just check out this tweet from Mama Roxy:

4. The girls are being cagey about a second season. When a fan told Alex she loved the show and asked point blank if there would be a season 2, the only answer Alex gave was "thank you."

5. Mackenzie was reallllly pushing people to tune in to the last episode of season 1, telling fans that season 2 depends on them. It certainly sounded like a warning!

So what do you think? Should MTV cancel the show before we get to see Mackenzie give birth and Katie move on from Joey?


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Kierr... KierraJanae29

I'm sorry this season was pretty dull compared to the other two seasons.

Kierr... KierraJanae29

I liked teen mom and teen mom 2

nonmember avatar Jill

I hated Teen Mom 2, but LOVED Teen Mom and now Teen Mom 3. I'll be a little sad to not see another season to see how their lives continue.

Wendi Mullings Conway

these girls are VERY immature,i can't watch them or very long at a time...they are all 3 dingy...

nonmember avatar Tamerra

I'm a big fan of teen mom & teen mom 2. I couldn't care less about teen mom 3. Give em the boot!

Lucía Soto

no more teen mom 3! I can't believe they got a season to begin with.

nonmember avatar Amanda

Please Don't cancel the season. Love the girls I look forward to Monday's cause of the girls

nonmember avatar Melissa

I hope they don't cancel the show bc me and my daughters (5 & 7) has watched all the teen moms together from the first one and we have been hoping they was going 2 be a second season bc we love watching how the girls start there furture and watching the baby's grow into beautiful kids and watching them have a mind of there own like from walking and talking

Tiffany Moro

I think that Teen Mom 3 should NOT be canceled because I love all the Teen Mom's.

nonmember avatar Melissa Rios

Keep the show! :)

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