Khloe Kardashian Responds to Lamar's Rap Video & It's Clear the End is Near

Khloe KardashianThis roller coaster relationship between Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom has gone up and down for a while now, but after these latest incidents ... it looks like this ride is about to come to a complete stop.

We all saw and rolled our eyes at Lamar's rap video where he basically admits to cheating on Khloe. It was disgusting, rude, and incredibly disrespectful. But we're not the only ones who saw it.

Khloe did, too. And damn, girlfriend is mad.

A source confirmed:

Khloe thinks the video is bad, just real bad. She’s not surprised by it, but she feels it’s another blow to her. It’s a slap in the face. It’s more disrespect thrown her way when all she ever wanted was a marriage and normal life with Lamar.

Wow. My heart just breaks for this girl. She has stuck by Lamar's side through all of this garbage and this is how he repays her? This isn't just rumors that he cheated on her. This is him publicly stating he cheated on her for the world to see. Drunk or not, why humiliate your wife like that? How much more can Khloe possibly take?

One minute we think Lamar's changing for the better, and the next he's falling back into his bad habits. I can't imagine her family and friends letting her continue to stick by his side after seeing this video. I know she cares for him deeply, but there has to be some kind of line drawn -- and Lamar has officially crossed it.

Do you think this video will be the breaking point for Khloe & Lamar?

Image via KhloeKardashian/Instagram



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ncchicky ncchicky

Hes a dick, and she deserves better.  She is the only Kardashian who doesnt annoy me.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Wait..... Is it just me or this article did not state anything about what SHE actually said???.....anyways he's a filthy piece of waste and he humiliated her from top to bottom.

Kristine Avila Willard

It's so sad she needs to leave him ! His friend Jamie is a leach !

Myoma K Chilala

She sooo deserves better!! Poor Khlo but she is a strong girl I am sure what she decides will be the best for her.. What a shame!

Patricia Anne Smith- LaMarca

its going to be real hard for her to trust again, if she doesn't leave this toxic relationship!!!

Tina Davis

There is nothing in that article that comes from Khloe. She has not responded about anything.

nonmember avatar rhonda askew

Awe...Poor Khloe, she needs to do what her heart tells her to do...I think that stupid friend thats on the video w/him...had been influcening Lamar, he hates Khloe and she hates him...I just Love Khloe she's my favorite Kardashian...I just want her to be happy in the end...

adamat34 adamat34

Not trying to offend......but why do these.Kardashian girls choose black men???

lonel... lonely1971

He's one nasty piece of garbage set him free girl move on your to pretty to be putting up with that loser.

MamaY... MamaYankee

Adamat34 why not? Please enlighten me? Not all black men are "thugs" just like not all white women arent lazy ditzy frozen food cooks. Not all white men are pedophiles and not all black women are welfare queens.Yes, believe it Or not stereotypes exist for every race. Do you not have a preference?

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