Harry Styles' Latest Comments Could Mean He's Not That Into Kendall Jenner

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Harry Styles Kendall JennerWell, well, well, look what we have here. Harry Styles is finally opening up about that little dinner date he had with Kendall Jenner the other night. The duo caused quite a stir after being spotted together, to the point where One Direction fans were sending hate letters to the reality star.

So last night, Harry appeared on Piers Morgan's talk show and was asked about the potential relationship ... and well, his response just doesn't sit well with me.

When asked if he was in fact dating Kendall, Harry replied:

No! I guess. I don't know. I don't know.

Hmm... not exactly jumping on the couch professing your love there, Harry. Look, I understand that these kids deserve their privacy. And if this is the real deal, they're probably going to have to deny it for a while. However, if I found out that my boyfriend was asked about our relationship and he responded with "I guess" -- I don't think I'd be too happy.

Doesn't Kendall deserve a guy who's going to scream her name from the mountain tops ... and all that jazz? That girl is a catch. I mean, look at her! Harry should be more than pleased to say he's dating her.

So, wake up, buddy. If you don't start appreciating what's right in front of you, she'll be gone faster than you can say Taylor Swift.

Do you think these two are actually dating?

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adamat34 adamat34

Haha he said no mighty quick!!! Why ruin his image with this trash family. 10 to 1 that crazy mother set this up as a PR stunt.

nonmember avatar carol

agreed she is too much 4 him[she deserves more, she is a good girl

nonmember avatar Larry Stylinson

He's gay. He doesn't like girls. Have a nice day xx

nonmember avatar Anna

They're not, during the livestream yesterday he confirmed that it wasn't a date and that he isn't very interested.

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

He's an ugly kid, who on earth would want to be with him? If I was Kendall, I would be going after Liam Hemsworth or Robert Pattinson, not some pig-nosed snot bag.

Gucci Mane

is that the best you can do for news...asuming someones a couple then trying to put a spin on it...omg get a life!!!

nonmember avatar Chisa Leicht

Kendall deserves a girl like me to take her out :) But I can only dream.

Sarah Odger

Sick of people hating them what the fuck av they done to use fuck all so leave them alone

Alex Miller

Wow!!!!!! hes a 4 nipple jerk

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