Miley Cyrus Gets Horrible News for Her 21st Birthday

Miley Cyrus birthdayIt's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to.

Miley Cyrus turned 21 on Saturday and it should've been a monumental event. Instead, the singer had to deal with the aftermath of being robbed.

According to the LAPD, her home in Studio City, Los Angeles was broken into and several of her personal items were stolen. Miley is reportedly extremely upset over this. While I don't blame her at all, I hope she can look on the bright side here. There is a silver lining to this awful situation.

Thankfully, nobody was home when the burglary took place. THIS IS A BLESSING. I hope she can just consider this a warning, up her security a bit, and move on. I'm not trying to belittle the situation. I just hope Miley can stay positive and take this as a very valuable lesson.

After all, you only turn 21 once. Chin up, Miley -- and happy birthday!

Is this the worst news you can receive on your birthday or what?

Image via MileyCyrus/Instagram

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there... theresaphilly

Sad it happened,but people go on social media and just blast their information and whereabouts. Everyone knew she would be having a party, going out of town, touring, going to Starbucks ... folks are watching and listening to your every move. They waited, probably someone she knows, and when the time was right they robbed her. I read this story in another place and this happened in broad daylight, not when her party was going on. Their were no forced entry at all, they knew her and she is probably looking in their faces every day. 

nonmember avatar Tina

I've have had an aunt, a grandmother and a close friend all die on my birthday at different times so no this is not the worst news you can get on your birthday. I agree with everything theresaphilly said and personally find it hard to have sympathy for her anyway.

Lisa Curry-mcguire

Who cares what happens to her,she's nothing but a skanky, slutty, nasty hoe.she should be banned from tv, radio, public, she needs to diappear.If she was my daughter, I wouldn't even claim her.





Ellie Troup

wow, Lisa Curry-mcguire, shes still a human no matter what and from ur pic it looks like ur a grown woman and should have more common sense then that.. i feel so sorry for any child that calls u mom if u would not claim them just cause they act like that..

nonmember avatar Cynthia Johnson

Yes that's not the worst thing but remember MaDonna. It's just to bad her parents didn't teach her better or at least step up to the plate to guide her better.

nonmember avatar Kristina

Slutty? Skanky? Hoe? Do you hang around this woman everyday? Who are you to judge and call her names? She is not a stupid young woman...she doesn't play "by the book" that's for sure but she sure has gained insane attention by the way she's been acting lately. Yes, I said ACTING..after all she is an actress.. Bad publicity is still can hate her but YOU still took the time to comment about her which is probably something you would not have done if she were still cute little Hannah Montana.

nonmember avatar Dj

She's done enough not to deserve any sympathy.Skanks like her are the reason white women have such a horrible rep these days (along w/ the pornstar trash,strippers etc),it reflects bad on all.It was probably the work of some of her new 'urban' friends.

nonmember avatar erica

the ones who are trash taking miley are all just jealous. shes not a skank nor slut or anything else in between. how many other celebrities have dressed the way she is now? plenty r they skanks to? i dont think so. if u actually listened to her story maybe you would understand her a little better!! quit be hating bitches!!!! # teammiley

nonmember avatar Special K

OMG, I don't usually comment but I really felt the need. I read, skanky, whore(hoe, ebonically speaking). My daughter grew up watching Hannah Montana( Miley) and bc of that I watched too. The young girl who sung the Climb is also the young woman who sings Wrecking Ball. She had to grow up. I don't think there is nothing my daughter could do to make me not own her. Now, Miley cut her hair and changed her wardrobe. This does not seem like a reason to disown her. I'm glad I believe in my higher power. He who cast the first stone. I can't believe people talk like this about other people bc of what they choose to wear. She is an actress, singer. So every actror who films a sex scene or without clothes, are they skanky? I just need clarification bc if this is the case, you people can watch tv or go to concerts. Whatever should we do. Tinker Bell wears a body suit( LOL, SMH).

nonmember avatar please

No one is casting shade based on what she wore rather her antics for the past year

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