Giada De Laurentiis Has Knife Accident During Live Thanksgiving Feast Broadcast

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giada de laurentiisOne of the huge perks of being a chef is truly knowing how to cook the most amazing meals ever. Perhaps that's more of a perk of knowing a chef ... so they can cook for you. But there are hazards to this profession and the sweet and perky Giada De Laurentiis fell victim to one of those hazards and there was blood!

While filming the annual Thanksgiving Live Special on the Food Network with Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, and Alton Brown (my mouth is watering just thinking of what these chefs were cooking), Giada had a knife accident and cut herself very badly. Oh nos! I picture Bobby Flay rushing over to help her, lovingly tenderizing her hand, Alton running to get medical help, and Ina not really noticing, just focused on her cooking. But that's not what happened.

Giada was slicing a roll the mishap occurred. The knife slipped and she was cut badly, so bad she seemed to go pale. Yikes! Ina was by her side and while at first Giada was quiet, she then whispered to Garten that it was bad. The show went right to commercial break.

When they returned, Alton told the viewers that Giada needed medical attention and the chefs resumed cooking their feast. About 15 minutes later, Giada returned with a big bandage on her finger and sat down the rest of the chefs to enjoy the meal they prepared. Apparently she bled quite a bit, but the on-site medic helped with a whole lot of pressure and a cold compress before it was wrapped up. 

Let this be a lesson to us ... be really careful with those knives this Thanksgiving! Hope it heals fast, Giada, otherwise just go over to Flay's house for turkey day. Wish I could.

Did you catch the show when Giada cut herself? Have you had a kitchen mishap like this before?


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nekoy... nekoyukidoll

nope but I saw the aftermath on her FB page.  Kitchen accidents happen.  I've grated my knuckle off once doing cheese once (on my birthday no less).  This just shows that event the most experienced chefs can get hurt and we should always be careful.

Cook4you Cook4you

I did see the show and enjoyed it up to the point where giada started reaching into the mac & cheese, with her fingers...licking the mac & cheese off her fingers, and putting her fingers back in the mac & cheese again!! She did these at least 3 times!! That was gross and classless to say the least. The show was ending and everyone else were busy saying there final thoughts so not sure if they saw this. She use to be 1 of my fav chefs....this however makes me look at her with a side eye!!!

jesus... jesusismyfriend

As a chef you are taught from beginning to hold food a certain way and that nothing is so important that you should injure yourself to get it done.


Um,that's why they're called accidents,they happen. They also get burned and drop things.

kisse... kisses5050

 you also shouldnt be drinking and cooking with nothing to eat when you weigh  93 pounds

Tonya Banchetto

Yea, 2 years ago I cut myself REALLY bad while slicing turkey. And because I hate doctors, and more importantly needles, I freaked out a bit (because I knew it was bad and probably needed stitches), then wrapped a towel around my finger to try to stop the bleeding. then for the next week or so I walked around with the pointer finger on my left hand wrapped like a banana. I had to keep it straight so my finger would fuse back together. Hey, I said it was bad. But its just fine now, and for as bad as it was, there is barely a scar. See who needs doctors to charge hundreds of dollars to give you stiches when you have Neosporin and

Blues... Blueshark77

I also grated the skin off my knuckle. I was grating hard cheese and oops, my thumb went down the grater. It was gross because of all the grated skin hanging off. I held my thumb over my head until I could work up the nerve to clean it up. Still have the scar 16 years later. :)

nonmember avatar Missy

Omg this article is written so badly and is missing key words.

Kierr... KierraJanae29

I have had plenty mishaps with knives . The one that takes the cake is when I was about to shave. I couldn't get the clear thing of the razor so I yanked it. It cut the skin off my knuckle ! Suprisingly no scars , my skin fixed.

Katha... Katharine205

Ouch!  I'm a little extra dumb in the kitchen; I've sliced the webbing on my finger thru trying to cut open a bagel, burned my hands and forearms repeatedly on the oven door (I really need to slow down and open it ALL the way) and managed to slice into my finger so hard that I actually sliced thru the nail right at the quick.  Shit hurt too...and I learned a valuable lesson about why we don't cut those compressed dog bones in half.  Oops :P

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