Sweet New Picture of North West Out Where Most Babies Are Not Welcome (PHOTO)

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North WestKhloe Kardashian may love her baby niece North West -- but is it a compliment to say that the kid is just like Kanye West? Not so sure about that, but I'm sure she meant it in a good way. Khloe told an Australian radio show:

She's very serious like her daddy, like her facial expressions. She will look at you like, 'What are you talking about” She just stares at you like, 'Come on I’m way smarter than you are right now, don’t even try to play me.'

Oh noes, she's not going to start going around calling herself Goddess, I hope? Or Neezus? If you look at the latest snap taken of little Nori in her stroller out with mom and dad for dinner, she appears nothing like her rageaholic dad.

Those sweet pumpkin cheeks look so calm and serene -- certainly nothing like Kanye, who would sooner punch a paparazzo in the eye as change a diaper.

But perhaps Nori's "serious" personality comes in handy, because Khloe says this means no sleepless nights for her 'rents, explaining:

I truly never really hear her cry, [Kim and Kanye are] really lucky in that aspect.

Hm. Then she's definitely NOT like Kanye because he's always whining about something! Like that no one takes him seriously when he's says he's a god.

But back to Nori -- the couple were spotted out with her in an enormous carrier last night, taking her to dinner in Manhattan, where they reportedly joined grandma Kris. Now, I don't know about taking a 5-month-old into a restaurant. Not only can you be sure that this wasn't Chuck E Cheese, but you can also be sure that Kanye and Kim wouldn't get up and leave if Nori started piercing the walls with her Kanye-like screams. I'm sure Daddy would think it was her right to express herself creatively, and Mom would just be cluelessly staring at her new manicure.

I wouldn't want to be the table next to theirs, would you? Luckily, it sounds like North is a good baby who doesn't put up much of a fuss, and she looks pretty out of it in this picture. Must have timed it right around nap time.

Is it too soon to bring Nori to a fancy restaurant?


Image via TS/PacificCoastNews

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Lenor... Lenore411

I brought my son out to eat when he was around 3 months old.  My biggest issue ended up being no changing station and my son peeing all over everything.  Twice.  All depends on the child.

Smoke... Smokeygirl

My son has been out to eat every week since he was 2 months old- weekly date with friends. He's never made a fuss or caused us to leave. I'm a big supporter of teaching kids how to act in public from a young age. So, it's not so far fetched to me.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I've taken my kids out to nice places since they were tiny too. How else will they learn? We just got home from dinner at a local Italian restaurant where my son politely ordered his dinner and my ten month old ate autumn spice ravioli and garlic bread from my plate with occasional breaks to chew on a teething ring.

nonmember avatar grace

lol at first because of the title "where most babies are not welcome" I was expecting something like a nightclub or something sack like that, but a resteraunt? Really come on ha my son who is just shy of 3 months was first brought to a fancy restaurant at 2 weeks, he's since been on planes multiple events such as silent auctions and the like without a peep but even if he were to have fussed I don't think unwelcome is quiet the right word

nonmember avatar bee

Wow. You're not judgemental at all! A baby? At a restaurant? With her parents? My goodness what is this world coming to? Next you'll see children in the street or worse, the park. Whatever shall we do?

Seriously though. Don't you think you're overreacting? How do you know that if her baby started screaming that Kim or Kanye wouldn't step out and try to calm her or pack up all together?

nonmember avatar Mommyoftwo

This is such a crock of 💩💩💩! Obviously this writer is not a parent! And to speak so ill of Kim because why? She famous and you're not? Come on! Same writer who proclaimed no more articles about Kristen and Rob and had a new post just this week?! Pahhleeze!

nonmember avatar Becky

So parents can't eat at a fancy restaurant if they have a baby? What kind of BS is that?

nonmember avatar RiversMama12

I find this article to be extremely rude, and unjustifyably judgmental. My son is a toddler, we do not go out to eat usually. But damnit, if I want to treat my child...aka a human being....to a special dinner as a treat, I will do so! And if anyone wants to b*tch about it, I dare them to say it to me at the dinner table! You are aware that people do have children with disabilities right!? My toddler is being evaluated for Autism. And my cousin is highly Autistic. So are you trying to say that because they make too much noise for your liking that they aren't human being enough in your eyes to go out to eat like everybody else!? Stupid, ignorant b*tch! How dare you!! As for Kanye and Kim, I am pretty sure that they take care of their daughter just fine! Just because Kim is most likely hotter than you does not make her a moron! And just because Kanye can have a temper does not make him the devil. Get off of your high horse, you self righteous jerk! Seriously!

mfrentz mfrentz

I'm sorry for your inconvenience, but if I want to bring my children too a nicer restaurant than a fast food restaurant than I will. If they start crying or throwing a fit I will discipline them if we will leave. I will not keep my children away from these places because someone else thinks they shouldn't be there. Oh and if my 5 week old gets hungry you best bet I'll feed him. Don't like it don't look.

teddy... teddysmama09

Actually five months is a good age to go out and eat, especially if your baby is a calm one. We went out regularly with our daughter when she was an infant. I just put her in a carrier and she would nurse the whole time ( covered by the carrier so it just looked like I was holding a sleeping baby). It's the toddler years you have to be concerned about, but even then, some kids are good in resteraunts as long as they've got something to chew on.

the funny thing is, had the couple gone put with put the baby this would be an article about how they're terrible parents for leaving their baby with a nanny.

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