Lamar Odom's 'Excuse' For Rapping About Cheating on Khloe Is Shameful (VIDEO)

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Lamar OdomOh man, just when we thought thing were looking up for Khloe and Lamar's marriage, Lamar done gone and got himself in the dog house again. Yesterday, a video surfaced over at TMZ of Lamar slurrily rapping about cheating on wife Khloe Kardashian. It was obvious he was out of it in the video -- but now Lamar has come to his own "defense" about the video. Unfortunately his defense just makes the whole thing sound worse!

It's hard to understand what Lamar is even saying in the video, which he made with his pal Jamie (never a favorite of Khloe's on their show), since he is slurring so badly, but when it comes to bragging about cheating on Khloe, he says:

And when Khloe's out of town/ I still be on the DL

"DL" means "down low" -- which could mean either Lamar is cheating with women -- or men! I wouldn't rule anything out.

At any rate, it was generally thought that Lamar was "cracked out" during this video, but he's come forward to tell TMZ that he wasn't high on drugs -- just booze! And that the incident happened last week -- uhh, hasn't Lamar supposedly been clean for several weeks now?

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Well, he says it was just a "one time deal" -- err, yeah, okay, Lamar. Suuuure it was. Supposedly he is now clean (again!) and in training for a possible return to the NBA. He's met with the Los Angeles Clippers about returning for the season. Good god, you have to wonder what's behind that reasoning.

But the worst part is that Lamar doesn't seem to explain or apologize about what he said about Khloe. My guess is if Khloe confronts him about it, he will just say he was kidding, it was all a joke.

I don't know what Khloe sees in this guy. Too bad, I used to like him a lot. But rapping about cheating on your wife is not acceptable. Drunk or not.

Do you think Lamar's explanation excuses this video?



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nonmember avatar Ashlee

The racist undertone to your comment makes you sound as trashy as Lamar. I'm sure Khloe; that same young lady who married a black man would find your words so comforting.

nonmember avatar singer825

Yea, still not a good justification 4ninos. It's not your fault he's a cheater, but it is your fault for making that comment.

nonmember avatar anne

Getting sick of lamar now he is no good for anything useless

nonmember avatar Keisha

It would be hard bt Khloe will bounce back just divorce Lamar and get it over with

Heather Nichole Main

put the pipe down son i was a crack and meth head for 14 years long ass years started at 16 im 4 years clean now and i dont cheat now neither no way been there done it all never again man and khloe is the sexiest women in the world kayne can kiss my fat huge ass on his thoughts hes lucky he got kim anyways after she signs on that dotted line he will sometime get controlling and shit come on now its west here he thinks hes GOD well hello EMINEM IS THE RAP GOD and west cant touch eminem for shit on nothing eminem has mad skillz on everything kayne cant even put a rap to a beat dude anyways who would cheat on khloe in their right mind really no sane ass person im a lesbian she is the hottest thing ever man hands down to that her and eminem and wow i got my own issues and drama im on a fixed income but i say i live with my mom and 2 dogs and i feel like i have a drama life like the kardashions man that is how bad it gets but i have bipolar and shit but i tell it like it is and i dont care im like khloe she got a heart of pure ass gold and me too until im screwed over ill forgive alot too but i even got my limits and i hope she finds hers soon

Lisa Jane Bowker

what a disgrace..just vile..kloe way too good for that shit!!

lonel... lonely1971

He's a. Loser and will always be once on crack you never go back. Nasty

Michelle Nightingale

No excuse.  Khloe wake up and get some self esteem.  The guy is too broken for you.  Really, save yourself.


nonmember avatar Pauline Me

I just feel for khole I think his just taking her for granted

He needs to keep quiet get clean prove to khloe that he good enough for khloe to love him again she, s taken so much from him to me she deserves better.

His in a black hole his his job to get out of it font kerp dragging khloe and the kardasins down with him making videos is so immature grow up lamar grow your balls back be the man you used to be the one khloe lived and one the people respected

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