Adorable New Picture of Baby North At the Nail Salon (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian, North WestKim Kardashian is wasting no time indoctrinating her baby North West -- no, she's not teaching her that Daddy Kanye is God (that will come later) -- but into the ways of girls! Little North "grabbed" some mommy and mommy's BFF bonding time over manicures at a salon, and the resulting Instagram evidence of its amazing cuteness. By the looks of this photo, North West won't be another tomboy Shiloh Jolie-Pitt but a total girly girl.

Little North is seen grabbing onto two newly-painted nails -- one set belonging to Kim, one to her best friend LaLa Anthony. The green nails are obviously Anthony, the beige (pink?) ones Kim. She captioned it "girl's day."

For anyone who thought that Kim would be a hands-off mom, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. She's been seen with North quite a lot. And there's nothing quite like spending time with mommy at the hair salon or spa getting a mani-pedi to bond, just because guy's don't want to join in on that kind of thing, so it's a special time that says "just for us girls."

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Go ahead and try to find any "things moms and daughters can do together" list that doesn't include a day at the spa. In fact, I bet North will be getting her nails done soon, never mind the inevitable uproar and outcry that will ensue will Kim dares to lacquer on her child's nails.

Do you ever bond with your mom at the salon? Is your daughter a girly girl?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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Mark Cox

nothing like pimping out your kid for pub

Chandra Haverstock

I can barely breathe when I go into a nail salon. All the workers run around in little masks due to the high level of formaldehyde that will give them respiratory issues. Also, the high level of phtalates which may (or may not) disrupt blood sugar metabolism are probably floating around in the air. Don't get me started about the fine particles of dust from the nail sanding. Why it sounds like the perfect place to bond with baby!

nonmember avatar Ashley

Wow Chandra. Debbie Downer much? Anyway, North is beautiful baby :)

nonmember avatar Tom

Oh yeah, nail salon fumes are exactly what that poor little baby needs. They'll bring her IQ down to fit in with the rest of the family.

June N Jason Rodriguez

God??? Really??? I hope thats just metaphorically speaking. Even then I wouldn't say that. That's like playing Russian Roulette. JS.

evilekat evilekat

Ashley: Debby Downer? Chandra is just telling the facts! People like you (and Kim) can ignore it all they want but she did take her kid into a toxic area and im surprised they let babies in at all.

Colleen Newell

Thank you Chandra! My thoughts exactly! I look forward to when my daughter is old enough to enjoy girlie things with me, but would I bring a baby into all those fumes? No way!

nonmember avatar Hmh

Well for starters, I'm pretty sure she wasn't at the nail salon and I don't know why the author assumed that. It was a girl's day, not a salon day. She was just with her good friend. That's also the same nail color kim has had in her numerous NYC photo-ops. Ugh, sad I know this but it's on every website I see! I can't stand her (baby is gorgeous though!) but even I don't thinks he'd be dumb enough to take a picture of her baby at a nail salon. The press would eat her alive.

Donna Marine

I am just shocked that she took the time to have her with her.

nonmember avatar MoMo4

Damn this woman just cant win with people! She takes her baby to a nail salon for an HOUR "she is a terrible mother, shes exposing her to FUMES!" If she didn't take her, "she is a terrible mother, she never takes her baby with her!"

apparently you are all perfect, and NEVER expose your children to any chemical known to man-- how many of you use Lysol? Clorox? Hairspray? Perfume? Candles? Canned food? Processed food? Instant food?

Point is almost all of us have some type of potentially dangerous or toxic chemical floating around our kids at some point in the day or week... no one is even close to perfect no matter how much you *THINK* you are...

Leave this woman alone already

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