Kristen Bell & Dax Shepherd's Quirky Wedding Almost Didn't Happen


Kristen Bell & Dax Shepherd have finally said "I do." You may recall, they had previously said they wouldn't wed until everyone could legally wed. Now that that's a reality, they decided to make it official too. But if you expected them to have some big, splashy, Hollywood wedding, you couldn't be more mistaken.

The pair had a very casual ceremony at the courthouse. And when I say casual, I mean REALLY casual. No big poofy, extravagant dress. (She says she wears plenty of girly dresses in her every day life.) No giggling bridesmaids, or long list of celeb guests. "We wanted the lowest-key day possible," Kristen told Jay Leno. They simply filled out the paperwork online and then headed to the courthouse.

There was just one major problem: they were supposed to bring someone to officiate. So they feverishly started texting every ordained person they knew. I am actually impressed they knew a bunch of people who had been ordained -- but that's Los Angeles for you. Unfortunately, no one was available. But a helpful stranger saved the day. A guy at the courthouse, who happened to be ordained, volunteered to marry them.

As for the reception, well, they stopped off for a couple of sandwiches on the way home. And the cherry on top of their day? "We drove in the Lincoln, so that was nice," the bride said (Lincoln also is the name of their baby daughter). "We had a playlist, so it was romantic." Gotta love the fact that their wedding was as cute and quirky as they are. How can you not love this pair?

Which is your favorite celeb wedding?


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nonmember avatar JC

I didn't watch the Leno interview, but this is not the story told when they were first married. It was reported that Dax and Kristen went to the courthouse to get their license and someone at there said, "I can marry you today if you want," and they said, "Sure, why not?" It's not a big difference, but the initial story sounded more spontaneous. Just thought it was weird that the story is different in this article.

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