Jennifer Lawrence's Red Carpet Meltdown Is Cuter Than a Baby Panda (VIDEO)

Jennifer LawrenceEventually Jennifer Lawrence is going to do or say something that's a little controversial or unpopular. Mark my words, as soon as that happens there will be a flurry of articles from people saying that they knew it all along, her Most Likable Celebrity reputation was all a manufactured pile of hooey, and they saw through it from day ONE. Then, the trend towards fawning over Jennifer Lawrence will take a sharp right turn, and people will claim hipster cred over the fact that they were never a fan.

For now, though, Lawrence continues to make headlines for being ridiculously awesome in every way. I mean, she even went on Letterman and confessed that she'd been crapping her pants recently, and the public ate it up! (Uh. Wow, sorry. Poor choice of words.) Her latest trick involves a so-called "red carpet meltdown" -- but before you worry that she went full Lohan during her recent Catching Fire premiere, check out what really happened.


So Lawrence was doing yet another round of press photos at the NYC premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Wednesday, and she sort of lost her shit. I'm not sure if the grueling weeks of promo work caught up to her all at once or if she simply couldn't take one more second of being screamed at by weirdly aggressive red carpet photographers. Of course, not her literal shit. Now, it sounds like she has that situation under control, but she definitely lost her temper.


I think Jennifer Lawrence's special sauce -- why is everything I'm writing so gross-sounding today? -- is that she always seems like someone it would be fun to be around. Plus, she's just so easy to relate to, unlike the vast majority of A-list stars. If I were going to be crammed into an uncomfortable dress, painted with makeup, and made to answer the same inane questions over and over while photographers shouted at me, I'm pretty sure I'd be sorely tempted to flip out and pitch a dramatic fake tantrum too. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPPPPPP."

In conclusion, I love that Jennifer Lawrence brings so much goofy comedy and personality to pretty much every promotional event she takes part in. She's as enjoyable off the big screen as she is on, which is pretty damn rare. Also, anyone who can recover like this from spilling an entire tin of Altoids during an interview is aces in my book:

Do you share my fondness for Jennifer Lawrence? Or are you patiently waiting for her to fall from grace?

Image via Marine Gaste/ YouTube

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