Maci Bookout Has Totally Legit Complaint About Something We All Hate

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Teen Mom Maci Bookout shared a video with her online followers on Thursday in which she shared a legitimate, universal, first world problem -- asshole parkers. “I’ve got another asshole that doesn’t know how to park at school,” she said on the keek video she posted.

“Why are you taking up two spots?” She asks the ill-parked vehicle. “My jeep can’t fit there.”

I hate when people take up two spots like that! It’s almost counter-intuitive too, if the point is to keep your car from being dinged, since all it does is make people want to key it instead. Gah.

Nov 21, 2013 | another asshole. ignore how terrible i look for school��� by MaciBookoutMTV on


And can we take a second to ask Maci not to be an asshole to herself? In the caption to the video, she wrote “ignore how terrible i look for school.”

Um, Maci? You are beautiful. Like really, really pretty. It’s going to take a lot more than a ponytail and a hoodie to make you look terrible, Hun.

What’s your biggest parking lot pet peeve?

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nonmember avatar Yaz

The moms with the mini vans, I swear all the incidents I've had are with moms with minivans, parking extremely close to my car that they can't get out and they yell at me for parking wrong, my dad drilled it on me to park so that you have enough space on both sides, so sometimes I take a little bit longer but I make sure I do park well. And these bimbos get mad at me for their lack of parking knowledge.

wamom223 wamom223

I don't like when people do that but it isn't my hot button.  I do lose it over people not pulling over for ambulances and firetrucks.  I saw a guy totally block and ambulance one day and was giving it the finger and refusing to move.  And this happened two blocks away from the ambulance so it was  pretty clear he was trying to get to the ER.  Thank God for the scary guy on the Harley scaring the sh*% out of that guy or who knows how long he would have kept it up.   I just want to know where you need to go that is more important than a firetruck or an ambulance?  

nonmember avatar lucy

This girl is really pretty, not the model statuesque type of course but the cute girl-next-door type..'au naturel'. Of course when she doesn't waste her good looks with some weird tan and too much make-up. Stay like you are Maci, you are cute as a button without any artifices. Your son Bentley is also a really cute, good-looking boy, good genes.
p.s: and just to say it i much prefer the cute, tiny girl-next-door type than the bland model-statuesque type..much more charming imo.

nonmember avatar sandy

Maci probably named the worst parking lot offense, other than the opposite act of thoughtlessness: parking so close to another car that the driver can barely open the door.
As far as car-related pet peeves, though, my Top Two occur on the road: 1) When a 2-lane road reduces to one, a driver speeds up, hell bent on getting in front of you, only to hold everybody up moments later as he waits to turn left; and 2) drivers who nonchalantly drift over to another lane without looking or blinking. Safe travels, everyone, during holidays and all days.

nonmember avatar singer825

Yea that's annoying, but I'm going to have to go with people who park super close to my car. One time I was walking to my car just as a huge Ford truck was parking next to it. They parked about 3 inches from my car. They hadn't gotten out of the truck yet and the passenger saw me walking up. So I looked at him with an incredulous look on my face, mouthed "Really," and pointed at my car. He must have said something to the driver because they immediately pulled out of the spot and parked super far down in an empty area of the lot. Not sure why he didn't just do that in the first place instead of squeezing in between a bunch of cars. People are just completely unaware of their surroundings sometimes.

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