Maci Bookout Has Totally Legit Complaint About Something We All Hate

Teen Mom Maci Bookout shared a video with her online followers on Thursday in which she shared a legitimate, universal, first world problem -- asshole parkers. “I’ve got another asshole that doesn’t know how to park at school,” she said on the keek video she posted.

“Why are you taking up two spots?” She asks the ill-parked vehicle. “My jeep can’t fit there.”


I hate when people take up two spots like that! It’s almost counter-intuitive too, if the point is to keep your car from being dinged, since all it does is make people want to key it instead. Gah.

Nov 21, 2013 | another asshole. ignore how terrible i look for school��� by MaciBookoutMTV on


And can we take a second to ask Maci not to be an asshole to herself? In the caption to the video, she wrote “ignore how terrible i look for school.”

Um, Maci? You are beautiful. Like really, really pretty. It’s going to take a lot more than a ponytail and a hoodie to make you look terrible, Hun.

What’s your biggest parking lot pet peeve?

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