Jenelle Evans Is Making a Big Move With Nathan Griffith She May Regret

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jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Nathan Griffith seem to be more rock-solid than ever. Sure, they still have to contend with that trial in the wake of that nasty drunk driving incident back in September. But pfft! That's not enough to throw a wrench in their blissful romance. Not only have the two been living together for months now, but apparently, they're ready to take their relationship to a whole new level. 

Jenelle shared the news of their next step on Twitter ... 

Whoa! Okay, no, it's not getting engaged or married or pregnant together, but it's pretty much just as serious. Going in on any huge financial commitment as a couple -- let alone a mortgage! -- is a major decision, not to mention one of the most stressful experiences ever.

After planning and paying for our wedding, jumping right into house hunting -- and all that entails emotionally, financially, etc. -- felt like a really tough pill to swallow for my husband and me. Mostly because we're extra cautious about making big, expensive moves, especially a literal one, as every couple ought to be! Becoming a homewoner is no joke, and even when you bite the bullet and do it, I've seen it often become a hairy, exhausting process that can take a toll on even the most solid relationships.

That said, as happy as they seem, I'm not quite sure Jenelle and Nathan are ready to go in on home ownership together just yet ... But I guess being prepared hasn't ever been a prerequisite for anything the reality star does.

Do you agree that buying a house can be super-stressful for even the most solid couples? 

Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Jamie Kitchen

ummmm didn't she already go thru this once with her estranged husband??????? nothing new here.

Amy Adams

To bad that love isn't here child.

nonmember avatar Tina Fisher

It's to much of an hasel

nonmember avatar Tina Fisher

It's to much of hassle if u ask me

nonmember avatar Brittnaaay

This is a joke. Right? What if she, oh, idk... is actually looking at APARTMENTS to RENT with him? Jesus. Who said she's looking at buying?

Believe me, I'm the LAST person to take the side of that human trainwreck... But you seem to have jumped the gun here.

Brandy Barnett

Jenelle will not qualify to buy a house.  She'd be required to have good credit, a down payment and a steady employment history, neither of which she has.  

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