Amanda Bynes Found Mentally Competent to Stand for DUI Trial

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Despite Amanda Bynes’ bizarre, possibly psychotic behavior of late, a judge said this week she’s mentally competent enough to move forward with her 2012 DUI case. The findings said the actress is capable of understanding the charges against her.

The minutes of a Los Angeles Superior Court mental health department hearing read, “Defendant found mentally competent … criminal proceedings are reinstated.”

Bynes was not present for the closed-door meeting, and her attorney didn’t contest the findings of the psychiatric report upon which the ruling seems to be based.

She was arrested in April 2012 for a DUI, which marked the beginning of a self-destructive downward spiral for the former teen queen that has included randomly setting a fire in a stranger’s driveway.

She’s also been kicked off a flight, shaved her head, posted disturbing videos of herself, claimed her “eating disorder” makes her fat, has sent some pretty nasty tweets to celebrities, lost a million dollars, and has been institutionalized to receive treatment for severe mental illness.

Does this mean that Amanda is getting better? In September her lawyer argued that she didn’t have the mental capacity to understand the charges against her, but now he’s not arguing a report saying she does?

Could the rumors be true? Might she really be home from the undisclosed treatment facility where she’s being treated by Christmas?

One can hope.

Do you think this is a positive indication of Amanda’s mental stability?

Image via Zennie Abraham/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Alexandra

Poor kid! I hope she can learn to live within the confines of her illnes and manage it for her own well being.

Stacey Toomey-Dean

Amanda you are a beautiful and talented girl. I wish you the best! Take care of yourself! Hugs!!

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