'Glee' Recap: Rachel Is Eying Up a New Man Already

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Glee Rachel SamIf you noticed this week's Glee was titled Movin' On and figured it was a send-up to Billy Joel, who can blame you? Tonight was all about the Piano Man's biggest hits, and Blaine and Sam kicked off their big trip to New York City to look at colleges with none other than Joel's Movin' Out which is pretty darn close.

But if you were paying attention, and I do mean paying CLOSE attention, you might have caught a twinkle in a certain starlet's eye? Could it be? Is Rachel Berry ready to move on from Finn?

As Billy himself would say, "I may be crazy."

But there was something about the way Rachel looked at Sam tonight that seemed an awful lot like ... lust? Or at the very least, a small crush on a new guy? If nothing else, Rachel was finally having FUN with another guy who isn't either gay or a member of her cast tonight. Here's how it went down:

With McKinley's senior class anticipating graduation sooner than soon, Blaine was in New York for his NYADA audition, and Sam tagged along for an interview at Hunter College. But when he bombs the interview, Sam ends up back at Rachel, Kurt, and Santana's apartment 'fessing up to Rachel that he really doesn't want to go to college. His big dream? To be a male model. Of course.

With her Fanny Brice dream already well on the way to coming true, Rachel throws herself into making sure Sam can live his dreams too, hiring the Funny Girl photographer to help her old schoolmate build a portfolio. It lands him in the offices of the House of Bichette, aka Tyra Banks, who likes his look ... but wants the buff former stripper to drop 10 pounds (from where?).

Fortunately, when Sam he gets back to McKinley East (aka the Rachel/Kurt/Santana apartment), his friends quickly convince him he's better off with a little meat on his bones, and launch into -- what else -- a sing-along to the Billy Joel classic, Just The Way You Are

The song is a lot of fun to sing with friends, but it seemed like Rachel and Sam were a little more than as they crooned "I love you just the way you are" at each other ... especially when there was that whole side, shuffle, step, er, huh? move apart moment at the end.


Frankly, I don't see these two having lasting power because, well Sam is just too DUMB!
But who can fault Rachel for having a little crush on a cute guy? She's going to have to move on sometime ...
What did you think was going on with Sam and Rachel? Is this the start of something?



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nonmember avatar Beth

I loved Glee's "Movin' On" episode. I was intrigued by the addition of Rachel's flirtations with Sam. I actually am excited for this possible exploration of this type of story line. I can imagine this being explored to shed light on some of the challenges one faces after the loss of a significant other. Questions such as "Can I actually move on?", "Is it bad to have these feelings for someone else?", "What will people think of me if I do start expressing interesting in someone else?" These are real feelings..and I hope they will be explored. And in a way, it can hopefully create a safe place for Lea Michele to be able to also move forward in her own personal relationships, whenever she chooses to. So I applaud the writers for this!

Eric Robinson

i think it would be kinda cool, because sam and rachel never really had a relatinship of any kind for the execption of a couple scenes here and there. i think i would be a good thing for both characters if they were be together even if were to just a few times.

nonmember avatar Jobo

Agreed this is a great idea. It obviously wouldn't happen til season 6 but it's reality. When people lose someone they're hurt and scarred yes but they move on. Especially since the girls only 19 she's still so young. Finn will always be loved and remembered but Rachel deserves happiness too. To keep her dwelling on Finn for more than a season would be to depressing to watch and unfair to Rachel. Someone is going to find a way to make her happy again. Why not Sam? He knew Finn which some people don't like and I can understand that but he understands her pain and can share the empties of him. Rachel is GOING to have to move on why not to someone we all already love

Kendra Ciccone

Idk if it's fair to call Sam too "dumb." He's about a half step from Finn and they were very similar. I sometimes think that Sam was Finn-lite, all the cute dopey without any of the super negative flaws that Finn had (kicking chairs, being kind of a jerk etc.). I think Sam and Rachel could be cute. Plus they've at least got history, he knows her story, he knows about her past. And that's at least having a character we already know (and maybe love/like). The show has so many characters already, i'm kind of glad we're not being introduced to yet another new character when we've got perfectly viable options

Total... TotallyTweedles

I think it would make natural sense for Rachel to move on to some one who knew Finn. There's a lot to be said for familiarity. And he really isn't that far off from Finn in intelligence or really even personalilty. He's sillier maybe but i hardly see that as a negative.

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