Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Secret Plan for '50 Shades' Movie

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mark wahlbergFor most of us, hearing the name Mark Wahlberg may still bring to mind images of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, but the man has a lot of pull in Hollywood. He's credited as an executive producer on HBO hits Boardwalk Empire and Entourage after all and impressed fans and critics with his performances in films like The Departed and The Fighter. And if he had gotten his way, he would also be producing Fifty Shades of Grey as one of his next projects.

During the Hollywood Reporter's Producers Roundtable, the man previously known as Marky Mark shared how the flick ended up becoming the one that got away ...

He confessed:

I almost fired my agent Ari [Emanuel] over [Fifty Shades]—not because I wanted to play the part. We were aware of the book from very early on, and we were close to securing the rights, and then we get into this bidding war. We were so close to having [it]. That was one of the few times I was going to fire Ari.

Ha! Sounds like he had reason to, especially considering he also had some big plans for the flick if he had gotten his hands on the rights. Even though current producer Michael De Luca joked that E.L. James' mercurial billionaire "looks a lot like Mark Wahlberg" in his eyes, Mark had different plans for the lead role.

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He apparently noted, "[Christian] sounds like Brad Pitt to me!" Um. No? I guess Mark didn't read all that closely, because Angelina Jolie's fiance is approaching the big 5-0 next month, and Christian Grey is supposed to be all of, what, 28? So silly.

Then again, the association may stem from something other than age. Walhberg admitted later in the event that he "wanted to produce because I was never going to get the script first. I had to wait for Brad Pitt to pass." Ah, so he's jealous of the guy's power! Well, in that case, I could definitely understand why he would have seen him as Christian ... but, err, no one else could've, right? So probably best ol' Marky didn't get his way after all!

How would you have felt about Brad Pitt as Christian Grey ... or Mark Wahlberg, for that matter?!


Image via Caroline Bonarde Ucci/Wikimedia

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nonmember avatar fan of fifty

I can see Mark as Sawyer. That's about it! NO to Brad Pitt.....

Tae Freeman

I see more of Jason Stantham being Taylor...and not just because of his name. That's the type of role he fits perfectly.

Liane Darby

I could see Mark Wahlberg as Taylor...definately!!!! I could see a "Brad Pitt alike" as Christian but not Brad himself.... hes too old to play Christian

Kay7684 Kay7684

If we are going to go down the path of who 'could' have played Christian and made it believable, Johnny Depp, again not now, too old. Stop already with this crap. Let the people who are cast get on with it.

Kelly Theisen-Dzubak

They are both nice to look at, don't get me wrong, but too old for the part. I could see Mark as Taylor though!!

Ma Barker

The casting for this film is pathetic. He is too short, too scrawny, too oridinary looking. CG is suppose to be heard turning drop dead gorgeous, boy they miss the boat on this one. The girl is a disaster. Now I realize that he was the LAST CHOICE and all, because of the crap script, but come on, These two are ridiculous looking.  Fifty Shades Of Fail.

Billie Bj Hooper

Ok you all do know that Taylor in the Book is a black man right?!?!

nonmember avatar Mrs. C

Y'all lost me when you didn't give Ian Somerhalder the part he would have been perfect!!

Alice Hamberlin Hawkins

Ian Somerhalder would've been perfect for the part. Lost me when they cast this other guy.. he's too ordinary. He's not the guy that will take your breath away with a glance... AT ALL! The Dakota Johnson however, might be just right.. she can go from mousy looking to glam and wear it all nicely. Brad Pitt is too old, and he's lost some of his appeal after the whole Jolie debauchery. Mark Wahlberg really is too old for it, too... but he's hot.. and probably would've been easier to accept than the new guy. Epic casting fail!

Mommaxs5 Mommaxs5

I don't think he meant that he wanted Brad Pitt specifically. I think he meant that the actor to portray CG would have to be "Brad Pitt" Hot. Mark Wahlburg is a big name in the industry for a reason. I am so sure he wouldn't throw a 50 year old actor to play a role made for a man of 20 years his junior.

I mean think about it. No matter who got the rights to produce, the budget would still be on the lower end. There is no way they could afford Brad Pitt even if the role was written for him specifically.

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