Dylan Penn's Pals Are Warning Her About Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartWhen you're first getting to know a new guy and have high hopes that it will lead to a relationship, one thing you might wanna check out first: Whether or not that guy is just getting out of a long-term relationship. Rebounding is real, my friends, and there is nothing like finally getting out of a sputtering relationship and starting up a new one to suddenly forget all of the reasons you got out of the last one and start to miss it. Maybe it's just easier, and human beings are essentially lazy creatures. So Dylan Penn, who is supposedly dating Robert Pattinson, needs to be careful. Especially when we keep hearing about how Rob is going over to Kristen's for unknown reasons. And didn't they just take a minivacation together? Many outlets are insisting they're about to come out again as a couple.

Well, who knows how much of that stuff is true, but apparently enough of it is that Dylan's friends are worried for her. A source close to Dylan told RadarOnline that her pals are worried that Rob and Kristen will "break [Dylan's] heart." He or she reportedly said:

We are all hoping he is the one for her and does not break her heart, because she is such a lovely and sweet person. She is a real beauty, so I would definitely say she is in his league if not even higher.

Beauty or not, it's hard to compete with history. Ideally, you should wait until the person you like has been out of a relationship for at least six months, but that's not always easy to do with the lack of suitable candidates out there! Wait too long and someone else will snap him up. Get involved too fast and you're left crushed when he suddenly misses his ex and runs back to her.

For now, Dylan and Rob apparently do not consider themselves a couple, but are merely having a "romance" -- which sounds suspiciously like a friends-with-benefits situation. Unless both parties are totally on the same page (and how often does that ever happen), it sounds like Dylan could be cruising for a bruised heart.

But what is a little collateral damage to have one of the country's favorite couples back together?

Have you ever dated a guy who just got out of a relationship? Do you think it's wise?

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Ellenj49 Ellenj49

This us crap.  Rob and Dylan are not dating.  Get over it.  You are going down like the Titanic with this stupid story.  You're just like HL with the Riley thing.  God give it up.  All these sites are LIARS and just want to get fans upset.  Pathetic junk rag site.  Loaded with hate!

nonmember avatar Anastasia B.

Exactly how many dates did he have with Dylan? Two maybe?

Donna Marcus Bond

When non-movie people go on a couple of dates, people call it "a couple of dates."  When movie stars go on a couple of dates, the tabloids call it a "hot and heavy new romance."

They went on a couple of dates. Keep your shirts on, CafeMom/Stir.

Shirley Sorrow

I have never seen a photograph of Rob and Dylan together. With the papz following his every move I would think they would have gotten at least one.  I don't  believe they are dating, hanging out or anything else.  All lies spread by the media.

Julie Mosbrooker

I hope Robert and Kristen get back together they belong together! Maybe Dylan should look for something or someone in her league she is out of her eliment


Gwenda Wakely

Doubtful Dylan and Robert would have a relationship. Dylan is a mad Twilight fan and is telling friends she is dating him. Who is she dating Robert or Edward. As Robert is trying not to be Edward Cullen,he would have to wonder who she is dating. At 22 and having no acting talent,and by all accounts doesn't want one Ha,Ha. I don't think Robert is ready for the clinging a relationship with her would mean.She would be a 24/7 girlfriend, and that is one of the things he doesn't like. He wants to come and go as he likes, and do what he likes.Kristen & Rob have a lot of history,and Kristen has been in the business for 15 years,I think she could help him better than Dylan, And at the moment he needs lots of help.Why dose every one have to put romance to everything,cant they have a friendship.They do have a lot of respect for each other,he is friends? with Kate Perry,why not Kristen.

Linda Kimpton Murrell

it's all smoke and mirrors keep the press on the Dylan trail while Rob and Kristen try to work it out Dylan might just be a good friend helping out 

Mary Santora

He never went with any of these girls u say he did we never c any pictures of any of them together either---u c him then her but never together---him n Kristen never broke up n r still together i truly believe that--Y DONT EV1 JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

nonmember avatar Eyecandyangel

I personally think that he should drop all of these girls and contact me. True am a little " older" than him but I will most definitely treat you right Rob. I don't care about all the fame and fortune, I would live with you in a pup tent on the beach!! (I know I've got it bad, right) Just kidding about,all this! (no I'm not!) Hey a girl can dream! And anyway, can't my comment be as crazy as this stupid state is?... Rob you remain my beautiful "Eyexandyangel!"

Shirley Cunningham

  You are right,dylan is not Rob's type and I don't think they are dating. Kristen is just right for Rob and they really love each other

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