Lindsay Lohan Flips out on Photographer in Move That's Even Weird for Her

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lindsay lohanWe've all come to expect epic kookiness from Lindsay Lohan, but her most recent behavior may be her oddest yet -- for realz! Because if there's one thing none of us ever saw coming, it's LiLo becoming ... camera shy. The half-naked selfie queen, WHAT?! I know, I know. No. Way.

Still, Lohan was certainly acting lens-skittish the other day in SoHo: While walking down the street with a camera crew of her OWN (ha! Get it?? Cause she was in the middle of filming for her Oprah Winfrey-commissioned reality series), Lohan was spotted by another celebrity photographer. The dude happened to be without his professional equipment, but he did, of course, have his cell phone, so he whipped that bad boy out and started filming the filming. (Whoa, that's so borderline existential!)

Anyway, given all of those particulars, what happened next doesn't make very much sense at all.

According to the photographer, “She was walking, she was taking video with her crew, she’s posing, whatever … Then when they saw me the crew was like, ‘Stop filming, stop filming.’ ” Then Lindsay "started yelling, ‘You’re invading my personal space.’ ”

(Lindsay Lohan has personal space?!)

THEN LiLo flipped, big-time, from the backseat of a waiting car:

“She told her assistant to grab my phone ... Someone from her show grabbed for my phone and I said, ‘What are you doing?’” Lohan continued to scream: “Matt grab his f**king phone!" Then added, “Now I’m mad.”

Lohan also enlisted one of her crew members to offer the photog $1K for his phone, but he refused. Finally, LiLo left in the car, leaving the cell phone photog shaken, and probably somewhat stirred. 

Yikes!!! What up, LiLo?? Why the diva antics over a little snappy snap snap?? Have all the selfies turned you into a raging control freak? Were you afraid Oprah would be pissed? Hope this isn't a bad sign ...

Why do you think Lindsay Lohan freaked out on a photographer?


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Probably because big O doesn't want anything leaked before show time.

Choco... Chocodoxies

If you followed me to my car with your cell phone, recording me and refusing to stop when asked it would be called harassment. 

nonmember avatar Wow

Wow! You're an idiot. That's the curse of the internet, any moron worth a keyboard can call themselves journalists. You're a poison to society.

Robert Salinas

Too bad, Lindsey it comes with being famous or infamous.

nonmember avatar Jay

Probably because she's making a reality show and she thought it would make some nice material.

nonmember avatar CharlesP

Stop wasting Americans time!

Dianne Dupire

maybe she only wants to be paid now for her photos instead of free press, sounds like maybe she is trying to start a new image or she now thinks she has something of value to bring to the table and doesn't want to look unprofessional in the eyes of her fans, in any case she is still an angry young woman who still wants to rebel at the world for whatever reasons, she keeps the fans curious that way

nonmember avatar Joe Smith

Maybe she went to the Alec Baldwin school of Crazy....???

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