Jenelle Evans Posts Her Most Ridiculous Selfie Yet (PHOTO)

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jenelle evansJenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. Jenelle Lorraine Evans. Just kidding. Not sure if that's your middle name. But seriously, do you think you're fooling us? While you have a lovely physique and ought to show it off if you like it, don't try to show us yer boobs under the auspice that you're modeling a new sports top. We're too smart for that, sister. Too stinkin' smart.

The Teen Mom star posted a photo to Instagram recently of, well, her chest, along with the caption: "Go get this sports bra! It's amazing!" No link to the sports bra she's talking about, no mention of the brand, just the photo and the caption. So yeah. If I were a betting woman, I'd say she may have ulterior motives in posting this sexy pic.

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Jenelle, you're a cute girl with, like I said, a hot bod. No need to always be so up in erryone's faces for attention. It isn't a good look. But hey, that is a cute sports bra! What kind is it?

Do you think Jenelle was showing off the sports bra ... or her tatas?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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P Terrance Nels

I'm just wondering what Nicole Fabian-Weber did to get relegated to blogging about a Teen Mom's selfies.......that's pretty low on the totem pole in the world of blogging!  lol

Angelica Danielle Blackburn

If I paid that much money for nice boobs I'd show them off too! I've lived my entire life being a part of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) aside from when I was breastfeeding and they shrunk to a size smaller than they were before children when I stopped. I would be proud too!!

LilLa... LilLadyLadybug

P Terrance Nels - I'm also wondering how she still has a job considering the horrendous writing style she's using.  Even if it is meant in jest, she's not doing a good job pulling it off.  Good God.

SynSixx Oblivion

Just saying, when referring to a female, it's figure not physique.... Check your sh@! before you go commenting on someone else's.

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