Catherine Giudici’s Workout Promises Are Setting Her Up for Disappointment

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catherine giudiceYou guys. Did you know Cath Gidi is totally working out for her big wedding? Because she is. A couple days ago Catherine Giudici tweeted, "#weddingworkout #honeymoonhotbod" -- just those two words hashtags. They say so much, don't they? They say HEY! HEY! I'M WORKING OUT A LOT AND YOU'RE GOING TO BE AMAZED AT MY HOT BODY WHICH IS JUST FOR SEAN BUT OF COURSE I'LL HAVE TO SHOW IT OFF TO YOU OR IT DOESN'T EXIST ...

Geez, enough with the workout talk. We get it! And we're so utterly inspired, I promise. But Catherine is starting to pilate her way into dangerous territory.

Ever heard of the phrase "under-promise and over-deliver"? It's what people do when they really want to dazzle you. And right now Catherine is heading into "over-promise and under-deliver" territory. We've already heard about Catherine's "barre" workouts, and she's boasted about going to the gym four days in a row. What if, after all the workout talk, she shows up for her wedding day looking merely fit and healthy?

Haha, I'm joking of course. I'm sure she'll look amazing.

But still, I kind of feel like she's hyping her workout too much. It's kind of cooler when you just show up looking phenomenal and allow people to stand back and go "ZOMG, how did she do it?!?" And then you're all, "Oh, you know, I worked out a lot, ate healthy, this is just my lifestyle."

And seriously, working out consistently should be your lifestyle. Working out extra just for a special event only to step down your exercise routine after is going to screw up your metabolism. You want a hot body for your honeymoon, but not for your actual marriage? Let's hear it for these hashtags: #marriageworkout #lifetimehotbod.

Do you find Catherine's workout tweets inspiring or annoying?


Image via Catherine Giudici/Twitter

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Dania Elisse

let me get this straight you so annoyed by what she tweets yet y'all still STALKING her every day and blog about it? last time i checked its HER tweeter shes allowed to tweets whatever the hell she wants! all of you women are such a big jokes such hypocrites quit stalking Catherine and Sean you guys are PATHETIC

Glenda Meadows Bayne

She is losing way to much....She was beautiful before...and she is still beautiful

Carey Giudici

Across the Pacific in Taiwan, I'm also working out every day (swimming a lot mostly) and practicing my dance steps for our dance together--more great exercise. Wanting to amaze and inspire folks on January 26th seems to be a trend in our family :)

Pamela Moreland Swenson

I think YOU are annoying! Let her be happy for herself and be excited to look awesome for her wedding. I have a feeling whether or not she looks good or fantastic, you will find something wrong with her anyway. Pretty sure she isn't going to care what you think...and neither do we.....

Grant Jorgenson

I think she is an inspiring woman who just happens to love her man and doesn't care what others think about if she's going overboard? Seriously ? Leave that angel alone!! She is inspiring 4 sure!!!!!

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