Maci Bookout Is Following a Little Too Closely in Jenelle Evans' Footsteps

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maci bookoutThe heart wants what the heart wants. The same can be said for the liver. In the case of Maci Bookout, the liver wants a six-pack of beer, and the heart seems to be in firm agreement. Maci has long been an old-school Teen Mom favorite. She's not only adorable, but she has such a great relationship with her son. Add that to the fact that she seems to really have her life together and you get a ginger sure to win us all over.

But of course, even the brightest days have their clouds (blah, blah other trite truisms), and Maci isn't exempt from this harsh reality. She's always been a little edgy when it comes to her style. After all, exhibit her spacers and her veritable plethora of ink.

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As we all know though, having an edgy sense of style doesn't necessarily mean you live your life on the edge in every other respect. For all her daring-do in the world of body piercings, Maci didn't seem like much of a party girl. Especially when you compare her to folks like Jenelle Evans.

That all said, it looks like we're in for a bit of a role reversal. I mean, Jenelle Evans is hardly a bad girl now. In fact, dare I say, she is basically reformed. Her tweets are literally about her breakfast. Next thing you know she'll be Instagramming pictures of paint drying. Admittedly, Maci's not getting thrown in the clink or getting big into drugs (that we know of), but her recent tweet about going to meet her tutor and bringing beer along shows that she's loath to leave her burgeoning party-girl side in the wings for too long. We're hoping this is just a bad joke, and fingers crossed she hasn't swapped paths with Jenelle -- we like Maci just the way she is.

Do you think this is a one-off or a sign of trouble ahead for Jenelle?


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nonmember avatar Jessica

I think you meant to say ...trouble ahead for "Maci" insead of Janelle in the very last sentence???

nonmember avatar Sarah

So because she's in college and of legal age, making a joke about a 6 pack of beer means she's going down the wrong road? She's taking the initiative to have a tutor...that proves that she's got her head on straight. This is a pathetic attempt to make her out to be some crazy party girl! Let her enjoy her life and enjoy her time in college!

nonmember avatar Tiffany

You people really need to grow up. She is an awesome mother and at least she is doing whatever it is that she needs to do to get thru school. So what if she drinks a couple beers every now and then? That don't make her a bad person or mean she's going down the wrong road. Let her live her life and quit being so judgemental.

nonmember avatar Jen

I read this things and I don't know why because they are literally taken to the extreme every single time

nonmember avatar Chari

Are you for REAL? You can't find anything better to talk about than to gossip about someone who is legally able to have a beer? Get a life.

Autumn Cervoni

Theres a difference between abusing substance and enjoying a beer. She is a mother, who has worked really hard. Don't call her Jenelle for having some damn beer.

Autumn Rose Webb Helton

i think she should be able to do what she wants she is GROWN

Carrie Fullerton

spacers are dental devices, Her ears are stretched and she wears plugs or Tunnels.  She's grown and takes care of her own kid

Claudeena Karen Clarke

this is retared six pack of beer and she is suppose a risk taker and going bad like jennelle stfu she is who she is and if that's her oo well deal this is the dumbest shit Ive read next time write and compare her to jenelle when she gets arrested and stop taking care of her son..

Tara Hanshaw

God forbid a 21 year old can like beer? Ridiculous. She is far from being like Jenelle! Learn to write an article with a point.

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