Teresa Giudice’s Newest Fraud Charge Could Be the Strangest One Yet

teresa giudiceI swear, this Teresa and Joe Giudice fraud case gets weirder and dirtier every time I turn around. Two new counts have been brought against The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple by federal prosecutors, and one of them claims that Tre lied about being a real estate agent in order to get a bank loan. In the docs, authorities say that Teresa claimed she was employed as a realtor and made $15K per month, while officials say that Teresa was "not employed outside the home at the time." Like the other charges, Teresa has pleaded not guilty, instead opting to splurge on the "crisis manager" who advised Lindsay Lohan.

Wendy Feldman, Teresa's crisis manager, said, "I have not been hired to prepare either Teresa or Joe Giudice for prison. In fact, most of my work is well-known as crisis management oriented. However, I am acting as the legal coach and crisis manager only for Teresa Giudice." Sounds cool. Good investment, Tre.

Now, this seems like a pretty black and white fraud count to me. Either Teresa did say she was a realtor or she didn't. And she either was a realtor or she wasn't. I don't know about you guys, but I don't seem to ever recall Teresa placing "For Sale" signs outside of an open house in RHONJ. Or, you know, ever talk about being a realtor.

As of now, the Giudices are facing up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine. And while I hope they both don't go to jail for their kids' sake, it would be puh-retty incredible if neither one of them wound up doing any time. They now have 41 fraud charges against them. How could they possibly get out of all of them?

Do you think both Giudices should go to jail?


Image via Bravo

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Cooks... Cookster792

I am sick and tired of these people getting plea deals and this is what will happen. They'll play up the fact that they have children who need their parents. They should be held accountable just like I am. I don't care if you're a celebrity or sports person, makes no difference. If I have to be honest and pay my fair share so should you.


wendy... wendywendy

If they did commit a crime, then they should be punished.

very sad for the kids.  They didn't ask for any of this.  Teresa and Joe act like victims, yet their kids are the real victims.  Hoping somehow Andy Cohen and Bravo will help those girls, not because they are legally liable, but because it would be a nice thing to do.

nonmember avatar alex

imo joe should get some jail time then deported, teresa some jail time and both heavy fines. they broke the law repeatedly.

nonmember avatar Stella

I wish them the best. I think they've learned from this and jail time will just be further cost to tax payers in addition to the cost of the trial.

nonmember avatar Chris

Break the LAW 41 times/counts GO TO JAIL!!

nonmember avatar Cynthia Dent

This makes me sick fraud is fraud lying is lying. They need to go to jaillike i would have to if i had done what they did Joe should be deported get that liar out of here. People need to pay for what they do. Sorry for the kids but melissa and joe would do a better job and they are not cjeats kick joes ass out of the country and put Teresa were she belongs in jail. Only some have to pay for what they do why are they any different. It is worse they re immagrants anf they need to follow the law or go to jail

Mimi Marianne Tholsted

If they go free, can everybody do the same without being punished ??? - - they should have been thinking to the children before they did all this crimes and all the lies and fraud..!

Linda Boyle

yes. they should go to jail. A regular nobody American would go to jail. Send his arse back to Italy. Put that shoe up his arse.

Jeanna Gasparre East

its a very sad story if you did it go to jail like the rest of us would have to feel sorry for there kids.


FrankandEvelyn Conley Frye

A real estate broker.....duh, now come on...teresa cant even speak english...and doesnt eve know how to spell.....Geez  what a crock...lets put their ass  in the slammer and throw away the key....to hell with those brats of theirs....maybe someone else can make that brat  Miliania mind and whoop her ass.

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