Kim Kardashian May Have Been Photoshopped in Kanye's Video -- So What?!

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kim kardashianI happen to think Kanye West's "Bound 2" is a solid track. In the interest of full disclosure, I have considered making it my ring-tone. People can mock 'Ye for his use of the word 'genius' all they want, but I'm more than willing to assign him that moniker. The video for the song is getting a whole mess of press -- but not because the universe is deeply smitten with the song.

It's getting all this traction because Kim Kardashian is nude in the video. That's right -- nake-nake, skivvy-ville party of Kim. It isn't the first time (nor, I'm sure, will it be the last) that the universe has borne witness to Kim in her altogethers. But coming so quickly on the heels of the birth of her daughter (and because we are all giant jerks), Kim's appearance is under major scrutiny.

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Can we pause to acknowledge how completely borked that is? Because it is. Not simply content to rail at the woman for behaving in a manner deemed "inappropriate" for a mom, the populace at large has decided that Kim was photoshopped. I guess really my response to this boils down to the following: Who cares?

For one thing, we aren't talking about a woman who's known for her natural looks. Kim Kardashian is beautiful with or without makeup, but we all know sister-friend prefers her false lashes and her highlighting creams (Kim has always said that a good tan intimidates the snipers sent to attack by Throbtron). Kim's camp insists there's no photoshop -- just proof of all the diet and exercise Kim has been up to.

I mean, I guess if they want to fight about this, that's their prerogative, but I repeat: Who cares? It's not like the video itself is a study in realism. Spoiler alert: Kanye's not really riding a motorcycle and I'm pretty sure the color of the sky got an assist in post-production. The video -- however real it may be -- is goofy and pretty and kind of weirdly brilliant. It's also make-believe. So who cares what went into creating the finished product?

Do you think Kim was photoshopped?


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Mike Peters

I agree, WHO CARES if her appearance is photoshopped? Her entire life has been fake from the time her porn was "leaked," why should this video be any different. She looks just as good today as she did when she was on her knees in front of Ray J back in the day.

nonmember avatar Susabella

So what ? It goes to prove she is about as fake as a three dollar bill! That's what is so what !
Plus, Kanye is so desperate for this to become "Video of the Year", that he had to digitally enhance Kim to look slim. But the truth is,
It will never win because the video Stinks and the song Sucks !!!


She looks photoshopped.... but they both look like two fools dry humping on the quater machine in front of the grocery store!

Paws84 Paws84

She's just doing what she does best...laying on her ass and shaking her jugs for the camera. Just another day in the life of Kim. She certainly takes a lot of time away from her KID. What a horrible mother. Why have a kid when you never had any intention on raising her? Music videos, trips to Paris, sitting in the chair getting your hair and makeup done every single day. Slut even lied about breastfeeding to make herself seem decent. Oh, not to mention she's been photographed at least a dozen times going in and out of the plastic surgeon's office. UsWeekly and E channel won't show those though because that's their golden girl.

nonmember avatar Linda

The sad part about these videos is that young people think it is real !

nonmember avatar jocey

Honestly who are u to judge!?she just had a baby so what if its photoshopped or not!?and all this about her being a whore just cuz of sex tape that happened 6~7 years ago shut the fuck up she is still way better,succesful,classer than all of u loosers!and her being a bad mom thats the dirtiest thing u can say!ever since she had her baby all u see is pics of her with her baby!u people are disgusting!get a life!ignorant bitches

Awome Awome

Let her do what she loves doing,every body has his or her own way to live so judge not

2nino... 2ninos4me

Just think that the video doesn't go right with the song ... that they wanted to hump each other and have everyone see it that's different ...

nonmember avatar Dany

LOVE KIM and the whole kardashian clan... But "aha honey" ... seriously???? The song SUCKS, dorlesnt make any sense, and the video is way to tacky,.... Just dont like it. Whatever if she's photoshopped, with the tons of people she is goy t behind her for it she looks gorgeous photoshopped or not.

nonmember avatar Little Cali

Well...since you asked, of course she was photoshopped. Did it surprise any one? No. The song would have been better without that ah huh honey, lame, lame, lame.

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