Everything We Thought We Knew About the '50 Shades' Movie Could Be Wrong

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jamie dakota EWConsidering Fifty Shades of Grey's casting delays and fiascos galore (Hunnamgate!), it wasn't exactly surprising to find out earlier this month that the movie's release has been bumped from August 1, 2014 to February 13, 2015. But now we're learning that the Valentine's Day-adjacent premiere may mean a MAJOR romantic makeover for the movie ...

See, Universal's new filmed entertainment chairman Jeff Shell has knowingly set up a face-off between Christian and Ana's steamy story and another "chick flick": Nicholas Sparks' The Longest Ride, which opens the same day. As a result, he and the whole Fifty Shades team, it seems, are shooting to make the risque flick a more appealing pick for "date night" than girls' night ...

Phil Contrino, chief analyst at BoxOffice.com, explains to The Hollywood Reporter:

They want to turn it into a date movie. I don't know if guys really want to see Fifty Shades, but if they can pull it off, the box office will explode.

This does raise some interesting Qs. The foremost being: Will straight men see the film adaptation of a book that's been perpetually referred to as "mummy porn"? I dunno ... It's all gonna boil down to how the film is executed and, of course, how it's marketed. If they do both R-rated and NC-17-rated versions, as producer Dana Brunetti floated recently, I could see some guys being interested in the dirtier cut! But I'm not so sure they'll be all about E.L. James story otherwise ...

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I'm also shocked that Universal would add another gamble to the pile of risks they're already taking with the movie. Dakota Johnson can say Fifty Shades is an incredible love story 'til the cows come home, but how many people believe that? How many couples are going to want to see it together ... in the theater? I could even see some women being squeamish about seeing it with their girlfriends, especially if faced with buying a ticket to the controversial flick OR a much more mainstream, mushy romance, like Nicholas Sparks' The Longest Ride.

Either way, Universal seems confident that February 13 is going to be much more profitable than August 1 would've been, what with women being too busy in late summer with "family vacations and back-to-school prep." Sigh.

Who are you planning on seeing Fifty Shades with? Between Fifty and Longest Ride, which flick has more potential on Valentine's Day?


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Laure... Lauren0983

They probably moved it because they knew with all the backlash that's been going around about the castings and the script (hiring TWO new writers is questionable), they were going to lose the competition with Marvel and the summer events taking place. AND they chose to move it to VALENTINES DAY weekend out of all weekends! Girls can convince their boyfriends or husbands to take them to see it or go see it with them, hence make more money, and let's be honest, is a Nicholas Sparks movie really much competition? Probably not. THEN they say there may be 2 versions, a definite R and maybe an NC17. They're really trying too hard here with all of this. It's almost like they know the film can't hold it's own so they're having to make all these things happen. I am a HUGE fan of these books but will not pay to see this in theaters with this cast. If they were so keen on "getitng it right"  for the fans like the author and producers say, then they should've started with the cast. They failed to give us actors that resemble the vivid descriptions in the books and that seems to be ruining it for a lot of fans, myself included. 

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Not in a million years would my husband ever see this movie, and not in a million years would I even try to make him!

Tonya Tosh

  I am bummed that they pushed the date, but I am really looking forward to seeing the movie. I am really anticipating the NC-17 rated movie. I want to see how much they change the books.( I hope they don't make to many changes). I really enjoyed the books. I do not mind sitting in a movie theater to watch them. I have no delusions about what will be on the screen, I am not closed minded to what happens in the bedroom. As in any relationship what you do in the bedroom or red room is your business and no one elses, but for myself my husband and I were open to all kinds of things. So what was in the books were very mild to me. So kudos to E.L. on her books and her movies.  You choose to go to the movies and pay to watch what you want, just as you choose what brand of tooth paste you use. If people choose not to see it that's fine I am sure with Mrs. James i don't think it is hurting her checking account. I will bet $10 to a donut though when they come out on dvd that they won't be able to keep them in stock. I love the cast she picked and love that I will be able to see it on the big screen. Can't wait

MustB... MustBNapTime

I have no interest in reading the book.... But when it comes out on Dvd/netflix, Ill make dh watch it with me!

Amber Long Edwards

There is no way my husband would watch this with me. So I will have to wait to watch won't give up valentines day with my own special man to watch it.

Tracy Kay Arnett

Well first off I don't see this as the typical "romance story". If you have read the book you know that the typical "happy ending" is not there, unless they are combining books. I loved the love story that is mixed in with all the BDSM. Who doesn't like it, well they won't like the books. I agree with previous comments about the actors. Maybe if they paid Charlie what he was worth he would still be in the lead. I don't like Dakota as Ana and Jamie is okay as Christian. But whatever, it is up to the director to make this movie work with who they have playing them. I will probably see this movie with my girls and not some man who didn't read the books and doesn't want to. I think they are waiting because the production isn't going as smoothly as they want it to be. I will see this movie because I love the books and the author. It won't be the same as the books, because no movie has even been as good as the books in my opinion. There is just so much more content in the books instead of a screenplay. EL James has had some input in it but she didn't write the movie. So we shall see what happens in February 2015.

mrsbovee mrsbovee

Ugh. Come on man, I want to watch soft core porn in public with my friends -_-

Denise Marie Larson

I will probably go to the movie with GF's but am wondering what would be the diff .... If you watch this movie some say is mommy porn or you watch porn movies with your husband ? Each to their own I say

Any book I have read is always better than the movies  The power of the mind and your own imagination are wonderful things It is what makes us all individual. Books can take you place that you have never been b4  Movies take you to whatever destination someone else has come up with That is just my opinion


nonmember avatar cindy thibodaux

Since they pushed the days back why couldn't they wait to have Charlie Hunnam play the role. I'm getting really disappointed with all these changes. I love the books but now they want to change the story cause it will be released around valentine's day. This is ridiculous!

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