Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Caught at a Burger Restaurant

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kimye at wendy'sSo, you're minding your own business, eating a hamburger and some fries, when suddenly there's a warm breeze. The air feels different. You see golden glitter swirling around. And then you see them: Kimye. Yes, people. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted at a Wendy's in Philadelphia over the weekend. And someone snapped the two and posted it via Twitter because they knew we'd want to see it. Kanye is staring studiously at a French fry while Kim taps away at her phone.

I've got to ask: What is that like, exactly? What's it like to witness Kim and Kanye eating lunch right in front of you? I wonder ...

COUNTER WORKER: OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! It's Yeezus! [Genuflects] I know, I know. Hurry up with my damn croissants ...

KANYE: No, man, it ain't like that.


KANYE: Please stop.

COUNTER WORKER: Hurry up with my damn massage ...

KANYE: I just want your bacon portabello melt on a brioche and a side of fries. Oh, and a medium caramel Frosty. And for my girl ...?

KIM: Umm, do they have green juice?

KANYE: No, babe. We're at Wendy's.

KIM: What? How did that happen? Oh no, I'm getting pregnancy flashbacks ... So many fries ... so bloated ... can't see my feet ... Help ...

KANYE: Uh oh, we'd better get you a seat before you faint again like you did at Burger King last week.

kIM: Why do you keep bringing me to these places?

KANYE: 'Cause I want what I want! Here, sit down.

KIM: Oh my gaaaa, I so hate you for eating fries in front of me. And a shake. Do you secretly hate me? You know my nutritionist won't let me eat that anymore.

KANYE: SIGH. This argument again?

KIM: Whatever! I'm texting my assistant to bring me a green juice. That is my lunch, you big jerk.

KANYE: Why can't you let loose every once in a while?

KIM: BECAUSE! Someone will snap a photo of me, and next thing you know, they're calling me a whale again even though I am so NOT. I can't go through that again. I can't! [Starts crying hysterically]

KANYE: Babe, babe, look at your ring. LOOK AT YOUR RING. LOOK AT IT!

KIM: [Looks at her ring and it instantly calms her] Pretty, pretty diamonds. Shiny. Feeling better now.

KANYE: Worth every damn penny. [Stares pensively at French fry] I am a god ...

KIM: What, babe?

KANYE: Oh, nothing.

What would you do if you saw Kim and Kanye show up when you're out eating lunch?


Image via KimYeUpdates/Twitter

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nonmember avatar NoWay

I wouldn't really care. They're people. They eat, too ...

Cooks... Cookster792

I would probably stare for a while and then leave out of fear of  him.  Notice how bored both of them look in this picture. She did not know her pic was being taken or she would have smiled.

jessi... jessicasmom1

bahhahah to way over the top 

Lori Palmeira

oh I'd love to see them but wouldn't go googoo over them..their people like everyone if they had the baby with them hen I'm a sucker for cute little babies...that would be the nana in me..anyway love the 2 of them...have a goo life Kim and Kanya and baby Nori

nonmember avatar Ingrid

0mw I'd probly faint right there! Or just start shouting Me:[crying]0mfg 0mf 0mg 0mw it''s Kim Kardashian and KanYe West!..EXCITED MUCH!

nonmember avatar Staycee

I would be afraid to even look at them. Mainly Kanye. He's got such a bad temper if be scared of him going off on me for looking at him

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