Robert Pattinson’s Book Just Slipped Through Your Fingers (VIDEO)

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rob pattinson dior ad behind the scenesAdam Levine who? Let's just pretend that People magazine "Sexiest Man Alive With the Initials AL" thing never happened. Nan Goldin's Robert Pattinson book, 1,000 Lives, is out this month! Oh, but there's a catch. The publisher only printed 500 copies of it, and they're already all gone now. Apparently it was a fancy-schmancy "collectors edition." No poster-sized Rob photos for the rest of us. Why would they do that? No word yet on whether they'll do another edition. Boo!

Console yourself with this, though: You can take a gander at some of the photos from 1,000 Lives via The Improper. AND! I believe we neglected to show you the behind-the-scenes video from Rob's Dior ad campaign. Oh dear, we'd better fix that right away.

Aww, candid Rob! Rob tossing snowballs at Camille. Rob smiling goofily. Rob jumping into a swimming pool. Rob getting his nose powdered. Rob hopping up and down to keep warm. More goofy grins.

And in case you missed it, here's Rob talking about the campaign. Blah blah blah. I mean, he could be reciting the alphabet, really. But you probably want to see it anyway.

Even if you've already seen it ... Does that kind of make up for not getting your hands on the book? I've gotta say, doing only 500 copies is kind of a diss to the fans. It's almost like they were deliberately trying to shake the Twi-hards off in particular. I guess Rob is trying to rebrand himself into something more, I don't know, serious. But how much more serious can you get than an immortal vampire? I'm joking, of course.

Do you feel left out of Robert Pattinson's latest project?


Image via Christian Dior/YouTube

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Robsg... Robsgurl29

damn right i feel left out i mean i have every movie the mans made and amost everything to do with him im total devoted fan.

nonmember avatar Lin Ella

I came here by chance via Google. And after reading your blurb here I am not inclined to return. It sounds like you are either bored and uninformed or simply desperately baiting for comments. I figure the number of comments is a measure of your success, and thought I'd give you one more to make two.

It appears you can not figure out that Nan Goldin's decision (or her publisher's) to print 500 copies has nothing to do directly with Pattinson; equally confusing is your assertion that the 500 copies is somehow due to his attempts to rebrand himself.

It says in your bio you dabble in a lot of lightweight areas. I get the feeling you may have majored in molecular biology and could not find suitable employment in your field. It must be a bummer being in a dead end job that is not your first choice. Your frustrations come through your writing as well as your disdain for the reader you are paid to entertain with your clever prose.

Guess all I can say is sorry you are miserable, but try not to drag the rest us down with you. Be a role model for your son. Find a job that makes you happy and fulfills you, or make the decision to perform your current job to the best of your ability.

Diane Herbert

I would only be interested in a book he wrote himself surprised Robert isn't sick of people cashing in on his name

nonmember avatar Eyecandyangel

Nope! The book would be icing on the cake, but I have thoroughly enjoyed his Dior Campaign! He looks incredible, beautiful, baby, beautiful! Love me some Rob book or no book, he remains my Eyecandyangel!

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

I feel left out by not being told or getting to buy the book.  I also own every movie he's made, Kristen's too!  I have a nice collection of Twilight Saga.  This book would have been a nice addition 😟

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