Maci Bookout's Toxic Exes Are Affecting Her Relationship With Taylor McKinney

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taylor kinney maci bookoutTeen Mom star Maci Bookout has been in what appears to be a happy, healthy, long-term relationship with her boyfriend Taylor McKinney for a while now. Seriously, Bentley's mom deserves major credit for steering clear of the sort of drama we saw unfold when she was with previous loves Kyle Regal, Kyle King, and baby daddy Ryan Edwards.

But judging from her recent Twitter confession, those relationships could still be haunting her -- and occasionally affecting that blissful bubble with Taylor ...

Check out Maci's big admission:

Aww, Maci! It happens to the best of us, though, right? Once you've been burned by someone, it can be difficult to rid yourself of resulting insecurities when you're back in a similar emotional situation. Still, the advice she retweeted is undoubtedly important to bear in mind. Holding exes' screw-ups against a current partner may be natural, but it could also sabotage your next chapter!

Looks like Maci's not at risk of that, though. Because for one thing, being honest with yourself and admitting you're wrong is the first step! If she can admit her guilt, my guess is she has no problem offering an apology to Taylor when it's due. Even more proof they're a totally adorable couple that's built to last!

Have you ever punished your current partner for an ex's mistakes?

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nonmember avatar singer825

I'm pretty honest about it with my hubby. I tell him that I have an insecurity about a particular issue because of an ex and I'll do my best to not think you're him if you do your best to be sensitive to that. Works pretty well. Sidenote, is it Taylor Kinney (in the title) or Taylor McKinney (in the article)?

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

Isn't Lady Gaga dating a guy named Taylor Kinney too?

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