Farrah Abraham's Constant Hints About New Show Make Us Not Care (Almost)

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farrah abrahamFormer Teen Mom (and definitely NOT a porn star), Farrah Abraham has been dropping mad hints about her latest on-screen venture. What could it possibly be? Should the world brace itself for Backdoor Mom 2: Electric Boogaloo? As much as I wish that were very much the case, I think we can safely veto that idea.

Rumors about Farrah getting her own spinoff reality show have been whizzing about for some time. Now Farrah herself is dropping some major-tweetage about it. That's all well and good -- but with Farrah, you never know how much of what she says is true. Remember how she was "starting a restaurant"?

If you've ever read a story about Farrah before, you know how much she loves to tease stuff out. That is, when she's not just lying full-stop. Yeah, it wasn't so long ago that Farrah was talking about getting a pixie cut, remember that? Or how about the time she claimed that she lived in a mansion? How about her big ol' tattoo fib? The girl has not met a lie she would not be pleased to tell. The truth is not Farrah Abraham's bestie -- woman is all about the buzz and we ain't talking killer bees. (Sidebar: Farrah Abraham vs. Killer Bees is a show I would watch. It would be three minutes long with a lot of screaming.)

But Farrah's simple tweet about "filming TV" has me thinking that this time it isn't all just baloney. Perversely, I hope Farrah is telling the truth. Not just because honesty coming from her mouth would be a nice change of pace, but because, as much as it pains me to admit it, I would watch the sweet holy hell outta that show. You know you're with me. I'm not saying I'd make a lifelong (or even season-long) commitment to it, but for the train-wreck aspect alone, I can safely promise to view at least three episodes.

Would you ever watch a Farrah spinoff?

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Johnson Kendra

She's filming for couples therapy. She's part of this seasons cast.

nonmember avatar Pamela

She's on Couples Therapy, a show I believe airs on VH1.
This article is not researched and is, quite honestly, highly unprofessional with how biased an opinionated it is. It's very clear that the author doesn't like Farrah, which is fine, no one does, but it's a little to heavy here and takes away from the actual article and the point of it.

nonmember avatar Sarah

It could be for Days of our Lives. It was reported awhile ago that she was to play a hooker on it named Destiny (I believe).

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