'Shahs of Sunset' Recap: MJ Is on a Mission to Bring the Diva Down

There seems to be no stopping MJ Javid when it comes to starting drama on this season of Shahs of Sunset. MJ adds GG Gharachedagi to her list of people to fight with immediately after her efforts to ex-communicate Lilly Ghalichi from the entire group. And even though no one sticks up for Lilly -- MJ seems to have bigger fish to fry when it comes to GG. The two supposedly resurrected their friendship last year, but in a strange and quick turn of events, that is all about to change.

After MJ has the last words with Lily -- "you have no friends here" -- the crew finishes their night by dancing their stress away at a club. MJ moves her mission to GG and is hellbent on taking her down.


GG Gharachedagi spots her new boyfriend Shawn staring at other girls, and as soon as she gets jealous and speaks up, MJ is in his ear tattling about GG's makeout-encounter with ex-bf Shayan at Lilly's party. MJ felt GG was acting hypocritical by getting mad at her boyfriend for looking at other women when she actually made out with someone else. I totally agree that GG was in the wrong here, but was it necessary for MJ to tell him directly? And THAT soon? Definitely not. She seems to just want to stir the pot any chance she gets.

To add to the rift between the two, issues with GG's sister Leila's post-divorce apartment, which MJ is supposed to be helping her find, certainly aren't helping. Did anyone ever tell these girls business and friends don't mix? GG gives her an ultimatum when it comes to working with her sister, and MJ pretends to care. Reza mentions that MJ found her voice, but as we see, he is quite the gossip queen. And besides, I don't know if we can trust a man that wears oversized, pink, sequined bow-ties. That's just asking for trouble.

The tension continues between GG and MJ at Mike Shouhed's brother's lavish shindig with a riveting petal fight across the table. (Seriously, what was that?!) Drawing attention to the situation of course, GG is immediately wronged when MJ doesn't say hello to her right away. At that point, there is as much tension as there is food at the party, and the two finally decide to talk. It doesn't last too long because GG's anger seems to surface. Leila tries to defuse the situation treating GG as a toddler with a tantrum by making her stand up and leave.  

Looks like someone is trying to steal the spotlight here (looking at you MJ!). So far this season, she's been the center of all the drama. I can't help but to think that Reza has something to do with it. Now that she's got her BFF back, MJ doesn't need the approval of Lilly or GG and can finally say what she really feels. I'm all for speaking your mind, but c'mon girl, there's a time and place for that.

Who do you REALLY think is the reason behind MJ's addiction to drama?


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