Kim Kardashian Goes Topless in Kanye West's Latest Hot Video (WATCH)

kim kardashian kanye west bound 2Just days after SNL poked fun at Kim Kardashian's transformation into Kanye West's puppet comes Kanye's new music video for "Bound 2," featuring none other than his baby mama-turned-fiancee.

In the clip, which Ye debuted on Ellen today, Kim plays -- surprise, surprise -- Kanye's topless muse and requisite sex goddess. The two ride through the desert on a motorcycle, while he raps about "f-ing" hard on the sink and asking her for a threesome for Christmas. Wow, you guys -- so romantic!!

Check it out below, but be forewarned that it may not be NSFW!

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So, yeah, obviously the latest in a blurring-together-now line of Kimye publicity stunts. And seeing Kim in full-on sex kitten mode with Kanye exploiting her ... err, I mean, worshipping her? Yup, nothing new. Remember when this steamy magazine pictorial came out? This vid only serves as further proof that they're a match made in famewhoring heaven!

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Still, I guess there is a bit of silver lining to this newest megalomaniacal display. We know he was "bound" to have a sex object in the video either way, so ... at least it's Kim, and we can rest assured she's loving the attention, too!

Thoughts? Cringing? Or loving it?


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lobus lobus

That was seriously embarrassing to watch. 

nonmember avatar Maura

I don't know how Ellen wasn't rolling off her seat laughing at that mess! I mean, this looks like it's straight off SNL. I don't get what's "hot" about it either. It is the dumbest video I've seen in my entire life and the song just plain sucks!!

nonmember avatar Corina

Dumb song! Horrible video. Kim your a mom already at least try to act like one.

nonmember avatar Lydia

Totally Disgusting! Wow and your a new mom and this is all you can do to make her and your family oh so proud! Let me guess who's idea this was....

nonmember avatar Kelly

The worst song and video I've ever seen. And I'm old enough to remember MTV when it first started so I've seen a lot of video's. It's distasteful to Kim, although expected of Kanye.

Monica Dugger Kelley

Ok so I am not one for Kim bashing or even whats his name!!! But for two people who make so much money, WTH where they thinking? Talk about low budget and plain trashy. The song sucks, the concept of the video sucks,  Kim looks like a two bit tramp on 50% off sale and again tashy and cheap! COME ON KIM YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!

@ Corina, this has nothing to do with her being a mom...

alway... alwayscurious

I honestly thought this was an SNL skit at first!

nonmember avatar Breyanna

Was I the only one laughing the entire time? Hahaha

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