Did Kylie Jenner Get Plastic Surgery? See for Yourself (PHOTOS)

Kylie JennerSo ... word on the street is Kylie Jenner got breast implants. I know, I know, that's crazy. She's still just a kid! Of course, this is only a rumor (which I'm praying is fabricated), but still, even the chance that there is some truth to this is really, really sad.

I mean, it's not even that far-fetched, if you really think about it. Looks are a pretty high priority for the Kardashian family, and Kylie is the spawn of the devil Kris Jenner, who doesn't always have the best motherly judgment. (We all remember when she pushed her daughter to do Playboy after she was recovering from a "leaked" sex tape, right?)

So. Kylie Jenner. Plastic surgery. Did she or didn't she?


Well, first of all I'd like to address the fact that whether or not Kylie did go under the knife, she's posting these photos for a reason. Maybe she has to try that much harder to stand out from her sisters, who knows. But fake or real, she wants you to know she's got them.


My gut tells me no. She is 16, after all -- and we all know about the wonders of a great push-up bra. I'm going to chalk this up to just a rumor. Kris Jenner doesn't have the best judgment in town, but I think she's smart enough to steer her teenage daughter clear of plastic surgery. For now, at least.

Do you think Kylie had work done? Do you think she will eventually?

Images via KylieJenner/Instagram

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