Charlie Hunnam Finally Reveals What He Thinks About Jamie Dornan Playing Christian (VIDEO)

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Charlie Hunnam may have mysteriously ducked out of playing Christian Grey and handed the flogger to Jamie Dornan, but that doesn't mean people are going to stop asking him about the role. A TMZ cameraman caught the Sons of Anarchy actor getting on his bike and had to ask him how he felt about Jamie Dornan. Ooooh, as soon as he opens his mouth, you sort of wish he still had it. That accent! Of course, Jamie has an Irish accent, but I guess none of it matters anyway since Christian is American. So what does the former Christian have to say about the current Christian?

Asked if he knows Jamie Dornan, Charlie says he doesn't. Does the TMZ guy think all actors know each other or something? He's then asked if he thinks Dornan will do a good job playing Christian. Busy getting his helmet on and looking quite hot doing it, he says:

He's going to do a great job. I don't really know his work but I know Sam [Taylor-Johnson] the director is amazing. She has fantastic taste.

Of course, he couldn't possibly have said he thought Jamie wouldn't do as good a job as HE would or anything like that -- but he didn't have to take his flattery so far either. In fact, he could have chosen to smile and say nothing. But he chose to praise a fellow actor and the director of the film he just left (or was booted from?).

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But the pap isn't going to let it lie there; he next asks who Charlie would pick to play Christian. Dude, what kind of question is that? Is it no wonder these paps get attacked? But Charlie gives a huge smile and says:

I'm sure she made a great choice.

The pap tries to get in one last question -- probably going to ask the exact same thing again -- but Charlie manages to hop on his bike and speed away as the pap yells a question about the Anastasia casting. Duuuude, that is already cast. Man, that guy is annoying.

But Charlie ... isn't he sexy? We need to get him another S&M movie.

Do you think he sincerely thinks Jamie is right for the role?


Image via TMZ

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Veronica Spaulding

he will ok i suppose but hes definatly not christian grey the book describes--i wish we could get charlie back!!  that annoying paparazzi shoulda gotten punched in the face!

Shannon Larson

noo Charlie was not Christian.. And ofc he dodged that bullet he knew it thats why he told the dude .. " Good one" and laughed sarcasticlty.. Charlie is a good actor and  has a  good role where he is and im sure new movies will come for him.. hes a talented man ,.... but 50 Shades was NOT his movie

nonmember avatar Mary

When I watched a film called 'Pacific Rim' he was acting in as the main person. I thought he was sooo Gawjus and I didn't even realise it was Charlie Hunnam. It's made me feel gutted knowing he isn't going to act as Christian grey because he would of been so perfect !!!

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