Alec Baldwin's Daughter Rants About Her Dad's Right to Be a Total Jerk


Alec BaldwinLet me see if I can think of the various things Alec Baldwin is angry about: the paparazzi. His stalker. The media. The goddamned paparazzi. Being asked to turn off his iPad. Starbucks employees. The gay-slur PAPARAZZI.

I'm pretty sure that's an incomplete list, but my point here is that it's kind of ironic Alec Baldwin's married to a yoga instructor, because he's about the most tightly-wound, pissed-off dude in show business. As for his latest meltdown, in which he allegedly called a paparazzo a "cocksucking fag" (and by "allegedly," I mean "was caught on video screaming this, so good luck with that lame attempt to explain that you actually said 'cocksucking fathead'") and earned a two-week suspension for his new MSNBC talk show as a result, his daughter Ireland Baldwin has come to his defense.

According to Ireland, we should -- and I quote -- "quit acting like children" about Alec Baldwin's homophobic outbursts.

Seventeen-year-old Ireland (you know, the one Alec once called a “thoughtless little pig” in a rather infamous 2007 voicemail message), posted several messages to Twitter on Saturday night defending her dad's actions:

For someone who has battled with anger management issues, my dad has grown tremendously. My dad is far from a homophobe or a racist. From what you've read and from what media has been shoved down your throats, he has a kind heart. Having paparazzi following my mom and I has not been thrilling. Paparazzi can bring out many confined feelings of anger and spite out of anyone. My point being, what my dad said was WRONG. What my dad felt WASN'T. Boundaries have to made. Paparazzi have jobs to do, but some of them jeopardize people's lives and cross a line. My dad has an INFANT CHILD to protect. All the parents out there should understand. You would do anything to protect your baby.

Now, let's all quit acting like children. Let my dad be and let him have his room to learn and enjoy his family.

Okay, look. I think most people would agree that the paparazzi has become way too intrusive in recent years, and that being a target is a highly unpleasant experience. Of course, Alec Baldwin wouldn't BE a target if he didn't routinely explode in a manner that makes headlines, but we'll set that aside. Let's say the photographers did in fact put his baby in danger somehow. Does that make it okay for him to call someone a cocksucking fag? What about the time he allegedly called a photographer a coon? Is that understandable too, because of all his confined feelings of anger and spite?

Ireland Baldwin seems like a mature, well-spoken young woman who clearly loves her dad, but no explanation can really excuse the way he continues to behave. In my experience, people often regret the things they say in anger, but they don't tend to say things that are completely out of character with their belief system. In other words, if her father routinely screams homophobic, racist slurs when he's upset ... well, I think the chances are pretty damn good he's racist and homophobic, despite his "kind heart." And frankly, dismissing his outbursts with the comment that we all just should grow up and get over it does nothing to help improve the situation.

What do you think about Ireland's explanation for her dad's behavior? Do you think his insults are acceptable, given the paparazzi situations he's dealing with?

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nonmember avatar singer825

I agree that if your go to insult every time you get angry is either homophobic or racist then you are portraying yourself as homophobic or racist. If you don't want to be seen that way then probably you should stop screaming out slurs. That said, I do think that some people need to grow up and leave him alone. I think he gets baited by the paparazzi and then surprise, they get a rise out of him because he's got anger management issues. Then the gossip rags take that and run with it. It's pretty exploitative and cruel. Yes, media attention comes with the territory of being famous, but that doesn't mean he should be stalked and placed in bad situations just to make a buck. Yea he needs to get a handle on that anger but the paps also need to stop being ridiculous.

Elaine Cox

seems like apple doesnt fall far from tree..was the media following him when he called her a pig?..if he resorts to those words when pushed then just what lessons and protection is he giving said baby?..lots of celebs are followed and dont see many resorting to these words

Pixie030 Pixie030

It can depend on what he was listening to in his own childhood when people in his home were angry, what their go to words were.. I know a few people that are neither homophobic or racist but grew up with those words and yell them when angry, but if you said uhm.. do you realize what you just said? They would ask,, what? I don't know, I was just screaming. As a parent I try really hard to have control over my mouth at all times though there are occasions when a word slips out of your kids mouths that you had no idea was heard commonly by them until you hear it come out of their mouths.. The words I heard growing up though was just mainly , Sh*# and GD.. but my grandfather could be heard yelling GD "chinc" at the news he watched nightly.. we tried to leave the room when he watched the news to just avoid hearing anything negative like that.

Tracey Plummer

Does anyone in this country remember freedom of speech? Alec Baldwin and anyone else in this country has the right to say whatever he wants. If he wants to be a jerk, let him be a jerk. If you don't like the things that come out of his mouth, then quit paying attention to him, quit watching his shows, and mind your own business. Every time someone says anything the past few years, they are under attack and I think it is ridiculous. I am a woman. If someone hates women, and screams out an anti-woman slur, then I think to myself, hey, there is someone to avoid. Then I move on. The same with homophobic or racist slurs. I'm neither gay nor black, but personally I would want to know who hates me because of some superficial reason, instead of force them to conform to a certain way of "acting" so that my precious feelings don't get hurt. Because acting is all it is. Force somebody to speak a certain way, and all they are doing is hiding their hatred from the world, but it is still there. You haven't actually fixed anything, except to be sure that you are among people who secretly think you are worthless.

adamat34 adamat34

Agree with Tracy. Unlike the agenda of all the pc organizations trying to shove their crap down your throat, this is still America, we should be able to express pleasures, and displeasures we encounter. If a bakery owner, who pays his taxes and.employees chooses to hold on to his religion rather than bake cake for a gay couple, we should accept that instead of ruin their lives and ect. We have gone to far off to the left wing in in terms of what is and is not.acceptable. Ive commented before, i dont necessarily agree with all the pro pc issues, but there.comes a time where you let it.go amd keep it.moving. Alex Baldwin is a human who expressed his.feelings. we have to listen to every bleeding heart liberal , maybe its time for the tide to shift the other way sometimes. Tolerance is a two way street....if you want acceptance, you have to accept not everyone HAS to agree with you as well.

missy... missybest

Alec Baldwin is, without a doubt, up for the most immature, stupid man of the century.  Why wouldn't his daughter defend him?  Number one, she is his daughter.  Number two, he is famous and rich.  Number three, his new job will make him richer.  Number four, she will benefit from his riches.  Sorry, but that's it as far as I am concerned.  There is nothing to respect about this man.

nonmember avatar DAYDREAMER6170

using a gay slur doesnt mean your a homophobe. i use the terms gay and fag on occasion and im not even close to being against gays. my bff for the past 12 years is gay and im standing up in his wedding in august, and even hes laughing at the ridiculousness of this right now and agrees that people need to stop being so offended by every little thing.

missy... missybest

adamat34 -

Would you say the same thing if rude comments and working against equal rights was against anyone else in our society other than gay people?  It appears that you have problems about gay people yourself, or you wouldn't be so lackadaisical about gay rights or respect for gay people as people.

missy... missybest

Daydreamer -

What lovely nicknames does your supposed gay friend have for you?  Just curious!  I think you are sorely mistaken if you think that gay people or anyone, for that matter, enjoys hearing offensive names.  Used to be lots of pretty mean names for Italians, Mexicans, and many others.  You are fooling yourself if you think those names are "cute", "fun", or inoffensive.

Tracey Plummer

missybest, I don't see adamat34 as being lackadaisical about gay rights. To me it's more of, if a baker doesn't want to bake a cake for gays, then that should be his right. Just like it should be the right of a gay person to know that his how he feels, so as not to give his or her hard earned money to that same baker. That is the point I was trying to make. That personally, I would want to know, instead of forcing him to pretend to conform to my way of thinking, and taking my money under what I would consider false pretenses. I would rather give my money to someone that doesn't foster hatred and I would think that most people would feel the same.

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