Desiree Hartsock's Fiance Gets a Man Makeover ... MY EYES! (PHOTO)

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Chris Siegfried

Ugh. I really hate that I can't unsee this one. Chris Siegfried is growing a mustache and beard after hopping on the Movember bandwagon. Oh yes, he is. Desiree Hartsock shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram and captioned it with, "Great Night with my Love @chrisrsiegfried isn't he so cute!!?! #mo-vember"

Ok, so the beard isn't all that new. Chris has been into the scruffy thing for quite some time now -- but the mustache? OMG. It HAS to go.

But just look at how hot Chris used to be before he gave up the razor. So sexy, right?

Annnnnddddd here is Mr. Movember.

Des and Chris

Yikes! What the heck?!?

I know dudes who participate in Movember do it for a good cause and all -- but some guys are just so much better off clean-shaven, including Chris. Why don't he and Des just donate a portion of the sales from their poetry book to charity this month instead? That would be a whole lot prettier than this beard/mustache combo.

But let's get back to Des' sweet little caption. To answer her question, no ... he isn't cute -- because we can barely see him with all that hair covering his handsome face!

Lucky for Des, she only has a couple more weeks to go before December rolls around, and hopefully her medicine cabinet is already stocked with shaving cream.

If I were her, I'd have him up at the crack of dawn on December 1 to get rid of this mess.

Of if he decides to keep it for a bit, let's just hope he has a change of heart before the wedding. (If it ever actually happens.)

Do you like facial hair?


Images via Instagram; ABC

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Evelyn Young

hes still cute. make good couple.


nonmember avatar morgan_1028

I think he looks better with facial hair. And honestly, I didn't think they were going to last… She looked like she was "settling."

Lori Harris

Yes, I love facial hair. I think a man can look so good with at least a moustache, and I just love to feel that on him. Wonderful most of the time. Especially if the man takes care of it, meaning a trim from time to time.

nonmember avatar Christina

Oh he is 1000 x better looking with facial hair... he is yummy! I think he looks a little dorky without it.

Lori Messer

I like him this way and the other way. It's not us too judge.


Puri Shea

Let be positive ADMIN... for them, they are much in love to each other!

nonmember avatar Crystal

He's hotter with it!!!

Marguerite Zakuma

I agree! He is smoking hot with it!!

Cindy Duggan Peterson

I think he looks great! Happiness for the two of them is what it's about!

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