Kim Kardashian Is Sad She Didn't Make Money Off of North's Pictures

kim kardashianNow, I can't say I whole-heartedly believe this; however, I'd be remiss if I didn't report it. According to sources, Kim Kardashian is upset she didn't make money off of North's photos. Not, like, in a rage, breaking plates upset. But bummed out. You know how it is, new moms, right? You pass up the opportunity to make some coin off of your infant, because you don't want to subject her to the harsh lights and loud voices that come with an Us Weekly photoshoot. But in the end, you always wind up kicking yourself.

Now, before you go sharpening your stake and charging toward Kim and Kanye's house, hear me out. The reason Kim, who could've reportedly made $1 million on pics of North, is upset is because she wanted to give that money to a charity. "This is finally resonating with Kim," a source has claimed. Kim's bummed out that she and Kanye couldn't pull and Brangelina and just pose for the pics (since paps are going to get shots anyway) and give everything away to charity. Sweet, right? Motherhood has clearly changed Kim.

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But I have an idea!

Why don't Kim and Kanye donate the money anyway? Doesn't have to be a million dollars, but between the two of them, I'm sure they could scrounge up some cash for people less fortunate than them. It's a win-win that way. They get to give to their favorite charity, and no photoshoot for North. Problem solved. Easy-peasy.

Now, Kim, if you want me to step in for Kris Jenner as your manager, email my people. I'm not saying yes, but I am saying there's a chance.

Do you think Kim will ever let North be photographed?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Elaine Cox

um she hasnt let the kid be photographed?   why am i seeing pics all over...if she wanted to give a million to charity then do it..she has the money...its not an either/or situation

nonmember avatar jaba

First of all, you would have to BE somebody in order for anyone to have an interest!

adamat34 adamat34

Scum bag....did anyone have actual doubts that this baby wasn't orchestrated by her and her fame whore mother?

nonmember avatar Me

No, it sounds about right, I totally believe it. If shes so upset over a charity missing out, she has money, she can donate, not pimp her daughter out for anyones gain

Rhodin Rhodin

I feel sorriest for Kanye's fourth kid.  At least his or her older siblings, North, South, and East, will have different first and last names.

Genni Mc Cart

Honey, make this accurately decision to make. North is always will be the first baby of need to make her feel more welcoming and she comes first than other things than charity as if I were you take PICS of her first it only short term of time take shots of her then u can do rest of other things to do proirity :D

Sarah Jalandoni

I agree, no should have to donate to Charity millions...Like many people say no one is perfect you can not save the world it takes only some of us that can do that. Only donate what you can we are all only human your 1st born child should not be used regardless for any except be loved and be taking care of she is only an infant. Not an object!

nonmember avatar chris

If Kanye wasnt so possesive she could do what she wants, but he already said North cant be on the show and she cant sell picts of her. Now he said North can be on the show as long as shes paid. These people are pathetic. Khloe is the only one that I like, shes more real, so is Bruce.

Catherine Lopez C

r u serious theres more important things 2 worry about.she buggin

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