The 2 Different Versions of the '50 Shades' Movie Are Going to Be Hotter & Hottest

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fifty shades of grey bookEver since Fifty Shades of Grey was optioned to become a film, fans have been wondering exactly HOW the story would make it to the big screen without a NC-17 rating -- or without getting a sanitized makeover. Being that NC-17 ratings have historically killed most flicks slapped with the rating, you'd understand why producers would want to steer toward an R rating at all costs, original material and fans' desires be damned! But now, it sounds like they may be building in some wiggle room for more time in the Red Room ...

Producer Dana Brunetti told Collider that fans may be able to look forward to seeing two versions of the film released!

Brunetti noted:

This is just my opinion and this doesn't mean this is going to happen, but I always thought it would be really cool if we released the R version and then we had an NC-17 version that we released a few weeks later. ... Everybody could go and enjoy the R version, and then if they really wanted to see it again and get a little bit more gritty with it then have that NC-17 version out there as well.

A-ha! I totally saw that coming. And while it may just be Brunetti's opinion, it's brilliant -- and seems like the best possible way to go.

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To release the R-rated version first, then the NC-17 a few weeks later would obviously allow the studio to capitalize on it twice. They'd get two different audiences and/or repeat customers. (It'll be like Titanic all over again!) Okay, some people may just wait for the explicit version to be released ... But either way, it is pretty brilliant from a financial standpoint. Not to mention that plenty o' fans will be thrilled to not have to wait 'til the special edition Blu-ray comes out to get their uncensored Christian and Ana kicks!

How would you feel about the movie being released this way?


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nonmember avatar Gina

I think it's a great idea..the only thing I'd change is have one of the editions w/ Charlie Hunnam as the star when he is no longer obligated w/ Sons of Anarchy, because there's too many fans that are disappointed he isn't Christian Grey.

Maryke Bezuidenhout

I would love it!! I will definitely see both

Daphne Van Gils Ferren

I'm down for this idea. :) the fans cant always get who/what they want but this could be a nice way to make up for the disappointment of some fans. there's too much crazy over the casting. regardless i think this will be a great film if done right with all the resources the crew has available.

Carrie Hughes

With these two actors I am not excited to see it once, let alone twice!

nonmember avatar Amber a great idea! I know of a lot of people that would go see it both times, me included!! This seems to serve several purposes for everyone

nonmember avatar Araceli

I would love to see both versions released and would go watch both

Sarah Taylor

I would love to see both versions!

Bev Vils

I would go to the R rated first with my husband and then go to the NC-17 by myself and enjoy the steamy one!

Michele Smith

Just do it i never heard of a movie taking so long to figure out why not discuss the moive before plastering all over the net tons of trailers that arent even real  they jumped into this without having any solid ideas 

Kelly Venema

Has anyone seen Sparticus on Stars, they have full frontals of both sexes and some intense sex scenes, so as far as the nude sex scenes it would be a waste of time and money to make 2 movies. poeple going to see the movie know what there gonna see and know what to expect.

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